N.E.W.Ts Readathon | Wrap

Hello there Witches and Wizards! It’s results day for those Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests that were sat in August, and I’m kind of whelmed at my success. The NEWTs Readathon was a really great thing to be a part of, I met nee internet friends and read quite a few of the books that have been sat on my TBR pile for a long time. I largely stuck to the TBR that I set out at the beginning of the readathon, and found that participating in The Full Monte and Bout of Books help me finish some of these titles. I really wanted to try and get Exceeds Expectations in everything, but as the month went by in a flurry of work activity and holiday planning, it became obvious that was an unrealistic goal, and I didn’t even quite manage to get an acceptable in everything (damn you Shadowblack for not being engaging!). Continue reading “N.E.W.Ts Readathon | Wrap”

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August: It’s a Wrap

August has been and gone, and with it the summer seems to be disappearing into distant memory and the fall is fat approaching. I’m actually OK with this even though I love the heat and the good weather, because I am going on holiday twice, the football season is back, and I can curl up on the sofa with a blanket and read much better in the autumn months. That said, I have managed to do a fair amount of reading in August and have read some ‘proper’ books, some that have been on my shelf for a long time, and some that I have been desperate to read for quite some time. NEWTs Readathon, Bout of Books, and The Full Monte have really helped keep my reading pace up this month, and I’ve made some new and awesome friends along the way too! Continue reading “August: It’s a Wrap”

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July: It’s a Wrap

It’s August already. Where is this year flying too? Next month I go to Barcelona, and the month after Florida, and then the month after is my birthday and the month after is Christmas, and then it’s NEXT YEAR. OK, so there may have been a mild panic there, but seriously, this year is flying by in a whirlwind of work, books, film, and a sport and it’s exciting and scary that it’s going so quickly in equal measures. I may not have read as many books as I did last month, but I read a lot of incredible stories, and ticked off some more challenges for Around the Year. I rated almost everything incredibly highly this month, and entered some new and incredible worlds. Continue reading “July: It’s a Wrap”

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Tome Topple 6 Wrap

Good day one, good day all, and welcome back. Can you believe it has already been two weeks since Tome Topple finished? No, me neither. I can’t believe that it’s flown by so quickly, but what a fortnight eh? I read quite a bit, I burned the heck out of some candles, and I fought the heat nobly to lift and carry such heavy chunks of a book, so I’m pretty please with how my readathon went, how did you do?

Tome Topple is a two week readathon created by Sam aka Thoughts on Tomes and this time the readathon is taking place from midnight in your timezone on 29th June until 11:59pm on 12th July. The aim of this readathon is to read big books, aka books over 500 pages aka “tomes”, so unlike many readathon, it’s about the number of pages in a book rather than the quantity of books you manage to finish over the fortnight. Want more information? You can watch Sam’s announcement video or check out the readathon Twitter page and/or the Goodreads group. Continue reading “Tome Topple 6 Wrap”

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June: It’s a Wrap

Guess who is back in the game? This girl! It has been a pretty stellar reading month by all accounts, my reading slump is officially over, and I feel good about it. MarvelAThon came at a perfect time and really encourage me to read a few more books than I might have otherwise. I read a wide range of genres and authors, started listening to audiobooks in the car again, and fell in love with reading all over again. It is still proving a little difficult to knock off challenges, but I am starting to think more about them again, and have managed to cross a couple off both lists, and somehow I still haven’t re-read a book yet*. Continue reading “June: It’s a Wrap”

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MarvelAThon Wrap Post

It’s that time guys, where we look back at how well or badly we did during a readathon. And as far as wrap posts go, this is one of the better ones I have had the chance to write. This readathon came at the perfect time and was so well constructed by Jami @ Jami Shelves that I really embraced it and took part with gusto. I completed the readathon, which is awesome, and even better than that, I enjoyed buddy reading and experiencing different books and genres.

It was also the first time I ever really did the Twitter Thread form of updates. Usually, I just reguarly update a master post, but that can get a little tiring, and if I’m honest, isn’t my favourite way of doing things, so this time, I made a thread and ran with it. It’s such an instant way of keeping track of progress and sharing with everyone else taking part. I think I’m going to use it for all of my readathon updates in the future.

This amazing month-long readathon is being hosted by Jami and is her magical brainchild, and is taking place throughout the month of June; she deserves all the plaudits for creating an amazingly thought through readathon. Her readathon announcement post can be found on her blog: Jami Shelves but she can also be found at the twitter handle @jamishelves. It focuses on the films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and features challenges based on themes from the films plots.

Continue reading “MarvelAThon Wrap Post”

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May: It’s a Wrap

Well guys, there is no way to sugar coat what has been a fairly hard and long month. It’s actually been one of the longest, most tiring, most draining months I remember, and that is before we look at my reading performance! I know, I probably shouldn’t be hard on myself, but I really have lost my way. Reading has always been a haven and escape for me, so it’s really hard when my motivation leaves me and I am left struggling to finish the most simple of reads that would take me 2 days instead of two months. It’s becoming harder to knock off challenges, and although I have still technically not re-read any books yet*, I’m just struggling to read anything.  Continue reading “May: It’s a Wrap”