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Roseau, Dominica

Dominica, the island I had been most looking forward to visiting, the island that wowed me most while I was there, the island that made me want to go back, and the island that instantly became my favourite. It is easy to see how it got the name ‘The Nature Isle’, and of all the islands, it is the one that I am most pleased we got a tour for!

Welcome to Dom-in-eek-kaa! Continue reading “Roseau, Dominica”

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Victoria Falls

There a are few places in the world that you only read about in the paper, or see on the news, and just think: I will never go there. Once of those places for me has undoubtedly been Zimbabwe. But when the opportunity to visit the biggest waterfall in the world presents itself, you go with it. An Victoria falls did not let me down… Continue reading “Victoria Falls”

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Hungry Elephants and Happy Bears

I woke up this morning properly excited. The busiest days have been the best days, and today is jam-packed. The price has also reduced since I spoke to Lek inexplicably from $60 to $45, which now included the bathing and the waterfalls as well. I’m not going to rant or complain, just be pleased that I can afford to do everything. I’ve been looking forward to the Kuang Si falls for months, it was the thing I first wanted to come and see in Laos. Breakfast was full of excitement, and of course Lara was back and fit enough to come with us, which was a relief. Continue reading “Hungry Elephants and Happy Bears”