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The Terror of the Visa Run: Victory! We Have Victory!

The battle to gain non-immigrant status has been so long and chaotic, that amongst other things, it spawned it’s own blog title series – not bad going! As you have probably guessed from the title of this post, we finally, FINALLY have our visa to work here. Just in time to leave, so obviously, perfect timing. Continue reading “The Terror of the Visa Run: Victory! We Have Victory!”

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The Terror of the Visa Run: The Visa Run Strikes Back

I love Thailand, I really do. The weather is great, the people are lovely, the country is beautiful. There is a way of life here that I haven’t ever experienced before and that I will miss hugely when I leave.

That said, I won’t miss the bureaucracy, and the instability with my visa situation one bit. Continue reading “The Terror of the Visa Run: The Visa Run Strikes Back”

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The Terror of the Visa Run

Never have I been so acutely aware that I live half way round the world, in a country where I don’t speak the language, as I was this weekend. There are some things that can only happen when you travel to a far-flung location: swimming with dolphins, cocktails on the beach, elephant trekking, bobsledding, you get the idea. There are some experiences that you wish to remember for as long as you live and are the very essence of exploring.

And then there are those that you wish had never happened, and that you could remove.  Continue reading “The Terror of the Visa Run”

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Bout of Books – Day 7

I cant believe it is day 7 already, and that the end is here!! Where has the week gone?! I hope you have all had a great Bout of Books 12, and that you have done as much reading as you hoped you would, and if you haven’t, I hope you have enjoyed what you have managed to finish! Continue reading “Bout of Books – Day 7”

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Just a weekend away at Immigration

There are some places you visit and you think this is so amazing I never want to leave: Laos, Anfield, Yosemite, Disney, Nha Trang, San Diego. There are some places you visit and you think, Yeah I’ve had a good time but I’m ready to move on: New York, Ho Chi Minh City, Rome, London, Siem Reap. There are some places you visit and you just can’t wait to leave: Manchester, Hanoi, Athens.

And then there is Amnat Chareon. Continue reading “Just a weekend away at Immigration”

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Happy Birthday, and Happy Father’s Day

Today, December 5th, is an extremely important day in Thai culture. Today is King Rama IX’s birthday, and therefore, Thai Father’s day. It is a national holiday over here, which means one awesome thing for everyone – the day off. I can’t say I’ve done much mind, but a day off is always welcome. They make a huge deal about this day, and their monarchy, in Thailand, aside from Loi Krathong, it’s been our only proper look into Thai culture. Continue reading “Happy Birthday, and Happy Father’s Day”