Strictly Saturdays | Week One

Strictly’s back guys and I am so excited!! The launch show was a couple of weeks ago and probably better than ever. The judges dances, Kylie performed, and the celebrities met their pro dancers. Autumn has most definitely arrived! I am looking forward to this year, my favourite dancers finally have partners, and the new judge Motsi is actual fire, it’s going to be epic!

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Strictly Saturdays: Week 13 aka THE FINAL

I can’t believe we’re here. After 13 weeks of dancing and drama, the Strictly Come Dancing 2018 final is here. It’s been a really good series. At the beginning I was worried that this would be the year I would fall out of love with the show, no-one was jumping out at me to support them, and I was really concerned, but in the end it’s turned into a good year and two of my favourites have made it to the very end. There’s been lots of controversy this year, so I’m hoping that at the end of the show, we’re all happy that the right person won for the right reasons. Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 13 aka THE FINAL”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 12

Evening all and welcome back to Strictly Saturdays actually on a Saturday. I don’t want you to be too alarmed that we’re getting close to Christmas and what not, but it’s already Semi Final week! Everyone is doing two brand new dances, and it’s all going to be final preparations. Who will make it? Who will fall at the final hurdle (literally)? I’m so excited! I think this is the week when we really see who copes under pressure. I’m so excited. I almost forgot that Charles and Karen were ever in the show, I wasn’t disappointed to see them go last week.

I don’t want to dilly dally too much, so we’ll skip over the fact that Tess looks like a stripper, Claudia looks like lampshade, Shirley looks like a Christmas tree and Darcey looks like The Duchess (a little Dad Wrote a Porno joke for you there). Seriously, could they not have dressed them a little better for the semi-final, the guys look great!

So, let’s get on with the show and see how many journey’s and dreams we have mentioned! Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 12”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 9

Hello one and hello all, I’m home, which means only one thing, the return of a full Strictly Saturday. I’m back in wintry Liverpool and therefore have no more Disney distractions, I’m in it full the full show. And do you know what else is back? BLACKPOOL. Yup, it’s already that time in the competition when all the contestants hop it up North and get to dance in THE BLACKPOOL TOWER BALLROOM. OOooooo, aahhhhhh. I always love Blackpool week, everyone gives it that bit more, we usually see more 10’s and often some cheeky 40’s. There are extra dancers a plenty and everything is so extra. Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 9”

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Friends Book Tag

Hello Friends (geddit) and welcome to another book tag. I think we all love Friends, and those who say they don’t love Friends are just lying a little bit, so this couldn’t be more perfect: a book tag based on Friends (created by Roxanne over at An Average Life). I saw this tag over on my friends Emma’s Blog The Terror of Knowing, which is where I get most of the tags I like if I am honest, and thought it was too good to miss. If you fancy a go and want to answer, please consider yourself tagged and have fun, it’s a good’un!

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Strictly Saturdays: Week 3 at the Movies

Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to Strictly at the Movies. It’s possibly my favourite Strictly week, everyone dressing up and dancing in characters to some of the most iconic film numbers, it just doesn’t get more dramatic and over the top! I like that this is always early on, when most of the contestants are still in the competition and there are lots of crazy and wonderful dance numbers. We always see a dance disaster, someone comes out of their shell, and often there is a memorable moment or two to be had (Jay and Aliona’s Pulp Fiction Live anyone?). Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 3 at the Movies”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 2

Evening all and welcome back to another sparkly Strictly Saturday. This week’s instalment is coming somewhat delayed thanks to a delightful birthday celebration meal for my Gran who celebrated being 82 years young yesterday!! We went for pizza and I have to say that the new pizza place that has opened is really good. So, full of food, we’re settling in a little late but spoiler free for some good ol’ dancing fun.

I really like what the male judges are wearing this weekend. I’m a pretty big fan of burgundy, and the flowers on Bruno’s jacket are pretty cool. They are definitely dressed better than the women. Shirley is exposing a huge amount of chest and even though she is not actually exposing anything, it is making me uncomfortable. Not quite as uncomfortable as seeing Darcey’s knickers, but y’know. Let’s just get on with it shall we:

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