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All aboard the tuk tuk express

I finally feel like we are here,  travelling and seeing things further than a hotel room and pool. Today has been a day full of firsts and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I hope the whole 11 months are as good.

In typical British fashion,  I thought and worried about the weather a lot.  It’s lovely.  Hot but not unbearable,  muggy,  but not completely unmanageable,  and so far no rain,  even though it’s rainy season.  Result!

This morning,  when I woke up,  I had my first bite,  an absolute whopper,  so I started my anti malarials straight away.  Thankfully Bangkok is low risk.  We also had our first thai breakfast.  Many things were usual,  eggs,  sausage,  toast,  however,  it was a surprise to see spaghetti bolognese and egg fitted rice.  It was included in the hotel,  so when in Rome……(or even Thailand) Continue reading “All aboard the tuk tuk express”