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Hobbit Holes and Hiking

As I sit on the Californian Zephyr in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, I am going to apologise for not blogging these past couple of weeks. I’ve been stuck on sleeper trains, over night buses, and of course, doing lots of awesome things, so I just haven’t had the time to blog. But now as I am on a 53h+ train ride, I have no excuse! Continue reading “Hobbit Holes and Hiking”

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Happy Birthday Jade!

This week has been full of firsts and lasts, and has revitalised us in time for the Christmas week. It’s Jade’s 23rd Birthday today – Happy Birthday. I’d say have a great day, but you’ve spent the weekend with me, so I know it’s been awesome. It’s really capped off an interesting week, and has led us into a bizarre one with a spring in our step. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Jade!”

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The 140 character film review – The good and the bad

In our free time at school, we tend to fill our time reading, writing our journals, and attempting to stay awake in new and inventive ways. TV shows take up more of our watching time after school and at the weekends, but we are gearing up for a Christmas movie watching week starting tomorrow, so I thought I would make sure I reviewed the films we have seen in the past couple of weeks. Continue reading “The 140 character film review – The good and the bad”