Strictly Saturdays | 2018 Launch Show

It’s September, which can only mean one thing: Strictly Saturdays are back. We love our Saturday nights full of sequins, sparkles and Spray tans, and tonight is the night we find out who is partnered with who. I love how over the top and ridiculous the launch show, and Strictly as a whole is, and although I’d be more than happy to have a shorter show, the launch is always a great night.

I love watching the pro-dancers together. Their pro-numbers are always absolutely insane, they’re all so talented, and they really show off one another to the max. I could do with a bit more clothing on some of the female dancers, but they’re pretty awesome. And we got to see a little more of new guy Graziano!!

I really love how they have the new guys walking Tess and Claudia down the stairs too, that’s very clever. Claudia looks stunning, that tux-suit is working for her, I like it. Shame I can’t say the same for Tess, her dress looks like it’s made out of bacofoil! I like the pair of them, but I wish they would shorten their segments together, and stop with the judges flourish at the beginning. For a group of very good professional dancers, and accomplished judges, they have no sense of timing, and the whole Dame Darcey bit is going to get old quickly if they persist with it. Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays | 2018 Launch Show”


Strictly Come Dancing: The Finale

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you could have been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with us, watching the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 finale. Can you believe it’s the final already?! Joe and Katya, Gemma and Aljaz, Debbie and Giovanni, and Alexandra and Gorka have danced their little socks off, but only one can take home the coveted glitterball. Who will it be?

I wasn’t able to watch Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday last week, so I missed voting in the semi-finals and missed writing a review post. I had a good excuse, I was sat in a theatre in London watching (and enjoying) Les Misérables. I’ve watched it since and thorouggly enjoyed all of the dances, and even though we know it’s all physics and balancing forces, I think Emma is still impressively shocked by Joe and Kate’s counter balance lift. The semi-final also saw the end of Mollie and AJ’s run. I can’t say I’m disappointed as I wanted her or Debbie (or both to go). She just wasn’t as good as everyone else, and her and AJ were starting to simultaneously annoy me and creep me out.

The final always pulls out the stops and really shows who can hold it under pressure. Everyone will dance 3 times: they’ll re-dance their favourite number, try and improve a judges choice, and attempt to wow us with a no-rules, no-holds barred showdance. I love the freestyle showdance and can’t wait to see what they have cooked up for us.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show, watch the opening pro number here, and remember that from here, there be spoilers! Continue reading “Strictly Come Dancing: The Finale”


Strictly Come Dancing: Week 11’s Musical Spectacular

Hello everyone, I’m back! Last week I was on a late shift at work, and completely missed the whole show. Yes, I watched it back later on, but it got to the point where it was too late to write a post, and then I was too sad to write about the sad exit of Susan and Kevin. The show was a pretty good one, and there were some brilliant and spectacular dances (like Joe’s Quickstep – wow!!), and Oti’s shining moment in the pro-dance to Vogue.

It was a very good week for Susan and Kevin to leave, because their dance was joyful and fun, but I was gutted to see them leave. The emotional goodbyes and the genuine, heart felt words when they had been eliminated actually really got to me, and the hilarity that preceded the dance off was so true to them. They looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and as a bonus, it was nice to hear and see that Karen and Kevin do still seem to be going strong. They were much cuter than the weird moments between Mollie and AJ, that if I’m honest, are just a bit sickening now.

And so we move onto week 11. Musicals week is always a fun evening on Strictly, partly because of the costumes, largely because of the over the top performances, and a little because we get an extra pro-dance. This year, the group dance was a homage to ‘Oliver!’ and it was really good. I properly enjoyed it. If you want to watch, click here! Continue reading “Strictly Come Dancing: Week 11’s Musical Spectacular”


Strictly Come Dancing: Week 9 @ Blackpool

Get out your party hats and you sticks of rock because Strictly is going to Blackpool! Yep, it’s that time of the year already, when the BBC camera people do their up most to make Blackpool look anything other than horrible and trashy, and use every cliché in the book to showcase the dancers and their celebrity partners! Things always get exciting at Blackpool, where people up their games in the Tower Ballroom and the large dancefloor allows for brilliant theatrics and bigger dances (Need I remind you of Danny Mac’s Charleston or Louise Redknapp’s Paso Doble last year!)

Last week, we saw Ruth and Anton fall by the way side and miss the opportunity to catch the train to Blackpool. In some ways I will miss the theatrics and stupidity that came with their dances, but, for me it was time for them to leave the ballroom, and think it was the perfect week. It also meant that all of my favourites made it through to this weeks mega show. I’m excited. And because it is the Blackpool special, we get an extra pro-dance to open the show up too!

….and it was an odd dance to say the least. There were fire dancers and unicyclers and jugglers and acrobats and the celebs were all in there. It was fairly spectacular and Joe looked like he was having the best night of his life. And where that was amazing, the dresses of Tess and Claudia weren’t. Tess was rocking a particularly loud and proud yellow number, and Claudia was wearing a ruffled mess. Continue reading “Strictly Come Dancing: Week 9 @ Blackpool”


Strictly Come Dancing: Week 8

Remember Remember it’s well and truly November. The fireworks have been and gone and replacing them is the race to Blackpool. Claudia just informed us that they’re going for a record of 300 mentions after last year’s measly 248!

Last week, well, last week. It got dramatic. It got intense. It got exciting. Last week we saw the first 40 of this year’s competition, and as much as I don’t like Debbie, her Tango was pretty fierce (Craig got out of his seat and bowed at their feet for crying out loud!)

We also had the first shock elimination. I say shock, because at the beginning of the weekend, no one would have said that Aston and Janette would go. They were second bottom of the leader board and they clearly didn’t ignite the viewers to vote, so it can’t be that much of a surprise. I will miss him immensely and I will miss Jeanette, you always know they’ll be super Good, but he was second bottom. I think the message from last week is: VOTE for your favourites because no-one is safe!

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Spooktacular Strictly Come Dancing: Week 6

Helloooooo, and welcome to a spooky, scary, spectacular of a Halloween special. As things hot up at Hellstree, the costumes come out, the wacky make-up is at it’s best, and fun personalities dance across the ballroom in the most entertaining night of the series. Week 6 is always the turning points, where the worst guys start to to linger at the bottom, the guys in the middle take off, and the guys at the top really get into their stride. There is an extra pro dance, there is a lots of awesome outfits, and we get to see Count Dave Arch in all his finery.

Bruno is back (which I’m not actually sure I am happy about) as Beetlejuice, Craig has dressed as the Joker, Darcey channelling Red Riding Hood, and Shirley absolutely killing it as Cruella De Vil. There are spiders and ghouls, witches and the Mother of Dragons, what more could you want?

Last week we (finally) saw the end of Brian and Amy, and I really can’t say I am at all disappointed. I was waiting for him to go since week 1, and was ready for him to bite the bullet. Joe also got his first 10 of the series, rising back to the (near) top of the leaderboard, which was a welcome sight!

To start the show, the ghostly pros performed a pretty awesome dance. The theming was so creepy and ghastly and looked so incredible. Neil was also the middle of the dance rocking his costume to perfection. I literally love him. Claudia looks pretty in her flapper style dress, it must be hard for her to get into the Halloween mood after everything with her daughter a couple of years ago, and Tess looks fierce in her deep red velvet  SYMMETRICAL dress. Now, let’s get on with show…

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Strictly Come Dancing: Week 5

It’s Saturday night, which can only mean one thing: STRICTLY. And this week, things are a little different in the ballroom. There are only three judges. It looks odd, the scores are going to appear odd. The ballroom just isn’t the same without Bruno there! Thankfully he is only off with a packed work schedule and not illness or something, but it will be nice to have him back soon!

Things got hot on the ballroom floor last week as we saw the first 10’s of the series (3 of them to be precise) which included Shirley Ballas’s first ever 10 on Strictly. Her jive was absolutely incredible, like seriously good. Unlike Charlotte’s poor attempt at the jive. It was chalk and cheese. I’m so relieved that she has gone! It would have been unjust to have seen anyone else leave. I really think I want to see Brian go this week, #jussayin’.

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