Strictly Saturdays: Week 7

Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to another edition of Strictly Saturdays. After last week‘s Halloween Spooktacular, we’re back to normal proceedings, no scary make-up and extravagant costumes, nope, it’s all about the dancing. I was pretty sad to see Seann and Katya leave last week, but it was probably time, so I need a new favourite to support. This year’s crop is that good that I am struggling to choose! Once again, I am on holiday which means that I have only managed to watch the Youtube Live Feed and not the full show so this will be a little lighter than a usual post, but I hope you enjoy the dancing! Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 7”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 6 Spooktacular

Good evening ghouls and witches and welcome to 2018’s Strictly Spooktacular. Straight up honesty here, I haven’t seen the full show because they don’t broadcast it in the USA, but I don’t want to miss out so I’ve watched the new live stream they add on YouTube and checked out everyone’s dances and costumes and it all looked stunning. It’s nice watching it that way, all of the filler is cut and you can condense the show down to 20mins, but it means I didn’t get to see the pro dance at the beginning and didn’t get to see the training footage that is always fun in Hallowe’en week. So yes, this week will be a lot shorter than usual, but I’m still here and reviewing, yay! Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 6 Spooktacular”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 5

Welcome one, welcome all to another Strictly Saturdays post. I don’t want to be the one who says this all the time, but, can you believe how fast this series is already going? Last week we said a very sad goodbye to some of my favourites Katie Piper and Gorka Marquez, they were the third pair to say goodbye to Strictly this year! I’m really excited about tonight’s show, I have done a lot of things to get ready for my upcoming holiday today and I have completely sorted a room in the house and begun tidying and cleaning my room ready for the trip, so I am looking forward to relaxing with some good dancing. I don’t want to have criticise everyone last week, but it was a little pedestrian for me, no-one shone and no-one nose-dived and it was a week that passed me by. Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 5”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 4

Good evening Strictly lovers and welcome back to Strictly Saturdays! What a week it has been eh? Strictly has been everywhere, starting at the movies, and ending in Scandal – just like Hollywood! Last week we saw Lee Ryan and Nadiya Bychkova leave the show and I have to say that I am not disappointed, and nor does it seem anyone else except them really is either. And so we’re back to normal this week, no special themes and no opening pro number on the live show (such a shame as the Harry Potter Dance last week has already gone down in Strictly legend!) Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 4”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 3 at the Movies

Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to Strictly at the Movies. It’s possibly my favourite Strictly week, everyone dressing up and dancing in characters to some of the most iconic film numbers, it just doesn’t get more dramatic and over the top! I like that this is always early on, when most of the contestants are still in the competition and there are lots of crazy and wonderful dance numbers. We always see a dance disaster, someone comes out of their shell, and often there is a memorable moment or two to be had (Jay and Aliona’s Pulp Fiction Live anyone?). Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 3 at the Movies”


Strictly Saturdays: Week 2

Evening all and welcome back to another sparkly Strictly Saturday. This week’s instalment is coming somewhat delayed thanks to a delightful birthday celebration meal for my Gran who celebrated being 82 years young yesterday!! We went for pizza and I have to say that the new pizza place that has opened is really good. So, full of food, we’re settling in a little late but spoiler free for some good ol’ dancing fun.

I really like what the male judges are wearing this weekend. I’m a pretty big fan of burgundy, and the flowers on Bruno’s jacket are pretty cool. They are definitely dressed better than the women. Shirley is exposing a huge amount of chest and even though she is not actually exposing anything, it is making me uncomfortable. Not quite as uncomfortable as seeing Darcey’s knickers, but y’know. Let’s just get on with it shall we:

Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 2”


Strictly Saturdays | Week 1

Hello One, Hello All, and welcome back to your weekly dose of all things Strictly. 2 weeks a go we watched the launch show, got to know the celebrities taking part, and finally found out who was partnered with who. The line-up might be less well known than previous years, but I’ve enjoyed watching them take their first steps, and unsurprisingly favourites have emerged. Now, with 15 celebs who are all dancing, you need to strap yourselves in because this is going to be a long ol’d night.

Before we dive in, the pros are on fire tonight. They’re bringing the emotion, I mean, did you see Karen and Kevin in their little bubble?! Tess and Claudia, you have nailed it tonight, and to be fair, so have the judges. Shirley you look incredible! Enough of that though, the dances: Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays | Week 1”