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Kruger: The Big 5


safarilizThe last major leg of the trip for Jon and I was to travel to the much hyped, much recommended Kruger National Park. I had shopped round for good rates on a safari to the park, and we had settled on one that had tented accommodation. After the experiences is in Victoria Falls, I wasn’t hugely looking forward to staying in a tent, especially after realising how cold it can get in South Africa at that time of year.

baboonThe big 5 is something I would love to see, so this leg of the trip was actually the first bit we sorted! The big 5, for those who don’t know, is rhinos, leopards, lions, buffalo, and elephants. Continue reading “Kruger: The Big 5”

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con-hillI’ve always wanted to go to South Africa. Ever since watching the England Cricket team tour in 2004, I’ve wanted to see the sights, experience Cape Town and Johannesburg, do the Garden Route, and go on another safari. Now as my job permits travel, encourages it really, and enables me to see so many places at a more affordable rate, I thought it was time to take advantage, and as my brother was tagging along, we went somewhere we both wanted to visit. Continue reading “Johannesburg”