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The 140 character review: The Hiatus

I am quite sure that the few people who read my blog don’t do so for the 140 character review feature. For those of you who might, or for those of you who have ever looked at it, and for myself, I am writing this hiatus notice. Continue reading “The 140 character review: The Hiatus”

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I am sorry

aaaI would like to apologise for my unexpected hiatus from writing. I could come up with a wealth of probably rubbish excuses, but the simple fact is, I kept forgetting. I didn’t have the time. I am practically in paradise in Southern Thailand, and just haven’t managed to regularly post.

I am going to try my best to fill in the gaps and write blog posts for everything and everywhere over the next day or two, so bear with the onslaught that may well come your way.

Good news is, we’re having an awesome time!