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September/Holiday TBR

It’s September, fall is round the corner, the world is gearing up for jumpers and pumpkin spiced lattes, and I am going on holiday. I have been eagerly awaiting September for a while, and although I am not someone who usually wishes the summer away in a quick whirl of sunshine and ice creams, I am very glad it’s here! This month, I am tackling books I have bought and been sent over the past few weeks and months, and I am diving in with the knowledge that nothing needs to fit a readathon challenge. I love a good readathon, but I am also a mood reader, so this month I have decided that I am just going to read what I want when I fancy!

I am also jetting off to Barcelona for 5 days! We aren’t taking checked luggage, so anything I take to read must be able to fit into carry on with all of my clothes etc. so I have tried to think ahead and take a mix of paperbacks and digital ARCs. You’re probably wondering how I plan to read that much in a great city like Barcelona, well, there is a good 5 hours of plane time that will allow some reading, and I shift through books when I am able to stress free read and enjoy them. There’s a beach, and there’s going to be lots of free-time and chillaxing, things that are vastly improved by a good story, so with that in mind I am planning ahead! Any potential holiday read has a little sun next to it!

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September: It’s a Wrap

I am back in the regular blogging game, and boy does it feel good! Last month, I posted a dual month wrap post and it featured so many books that it was hard to understand how I had managed to actually read that many words in such a short space of time (click here to read). This month could not be more different. Instead of reading lots of books, I settled for reading barely anything, only actually starting and finishing a single book in the whole month, and finishing 3 that I started before September even began. OK, so the first week or so was wiped out with the holiday, and I would obviously rather be on holiday, but even so, I’m quite ashamed of my reading performance. Continue reading “September: It’s a Wrap”