Strictly Come Dancing: Week 5

It’s Saturday night, which can only mean one thing: STRICTLY. And this week, things are a little different in the ballroom. There are only three judges. It looks odd, the scores are going to appear odd. The ballroom just isn’t the same without Bruno there! Thankfully he is only off with a packed work schedule and not illness or something, but it will be nice to have him back soon!

Things got hot on the ballroom floor last week as we saw the first 10’s of the series (3 of them to be precise) which included Shirley Ballas’s first ever 10 on Strictly. Her jive was absolutely incredible, like seriously good. Unlike Charlotte’s poor attempt at the jive. It was chalk and cheese. I’m so relieved that she has gone! It would have been unjust to have seen anyone else leave. I really think I want to see Brian go this week, #jussayin’.

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Strictly Come Dancing | Week 2

Week 2 already, it seems only yesterday that these guys were all paired up and looking scared! OK, they still look scared so some things don’t change. Tonight is where things change, tonight is where it gets tense, tonight is where the scores are combined and the voting opens ready for the first results show of the series tomorrow.

Last week, all of the celebrities took to the dance floor with their new partners, and shimmied their little hearts out. Half did a latin dance and half a ballroom, so this time the tables are turned. Their scores from last week carry over to this week and will combine to make an overall leaderboard at the end of the show. It is only once everyone has danced their second dance, and everyone has attempted a ballroom and latin number that we, the public, will get our day. To try and make it easier to keep a track of the scoring over the two weeks, I have added the combined scores for each couple after the total for their dance this week, and there is a leaderboard at the end of the post too!

Get the drinks ready, the snacks (healthy ones of course) out, and get comfy, and bring out the stars!

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