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So Long Thailand…

thaiflagThere are very few places in life that I have called home. Liverpool has and always will be my home city, and I of course counted Lancaster, my University town, as a home for 3 years. Neither of these could have prepared me for my time in Thailand, and I’m glad that the experience was so different. I have made some awesome friends, seen some amazing places, and had some fantastic times that have left me looking back with fond memories, and looking forward with high expectations, and an even higher benchmark. Continue reading “So Long Thailand…”


It’s been awesome Roi-Et

10881490_10205586194884978_8597659009782363746_nFor the last few months, I’ve lived in a small Thai city called Roi-Et. Located in central Issan, northeastern Thailand, it’s quiet, authentic, and has provided us with some awesome memories and experiences. To try and capture everything that has happened and everyone I’ve met in one post is going to be, well, impossible, but I can’t leave here without giving it a go!! Continue reading “It’s been awesome Roi-Et”

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The Most Adorable Graduation

DSCF2200 Today is my last day at Anuban Piroj. I can’t believe I have taught here for a whole semester!! I am going to do an entire post saying farewell to Roi-Et, but I wanted to document today, and my time here, with it’s own post.

DSCF2192I was treated to the graduation of my Kindergarten 3 class today. What a way to spend my last day. All of my Kindergarten 3 students passed their little exams, and robed up to graduate from Kindergarten to Prathom. Yes, you read that right, I said robed up. I was definitely one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Continue reading “The Most Adorable Graduation”

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The Tale of the Gentlemanly Stalker

Thailand is full of people who like to speak to you, welcome you, offer their services at any moment, anything. They are possibly the most friendly people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The area we live in is fairly tourist free, so when we get the Bangkok bus to our city, we are invariably the only white people on board. Everyone shows an interest, and often stares, which we have become used to. They also test their limited English on us wherever possible.

This is how we met Babe. Continue reading “The Tale of the Gentlemanly Stalker”

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Making up for Monday – February 16th

button_zpsf54ece10I can’t believe that I will leave Roi-Et behind in less than 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS, that really is no time at all. These past few months have flown by crazy fast. I thought leaving everything behind would be easy, but turns out, I’ve really grown attached to this place. Continue reading “Making up for Monday – February 16th”

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In a months time…

So little is properly happening here that is exciting that I don’t feel the need to post as often about my daily/weekly activities. That said, I don’t feel as good about my blog when I don’t post as often, it’s a bit lose-lose really. It’s hard to believe that in a month, we will no longer be teacher, we’ll no longer be in Roi-Et, we’ll be back travelling again. Continue reading “In a months time…”

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Friday Reads – January 30th

I am disappointed in myself. There I said it.  Continue reading “Friday Reads – January 30th”