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Dawn of the Patriot | Review

Title: Dawn of the Patriot: Heart of Ziik

Author: Okimi Peters

Rating: 4 stars

Dates read: 29 Apr 20

Publication date: Apr 2020

Publisher: Independently Published

Genre(s): Graphic Novel


Plagued by the mysterious death of his older brother, the unassuming yet highly spirited 19 year old Ziik will be thrust on the daunting path to becoming a vigilante in the Third World. Progressively finding himself as a symbol of light through the shadows of Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, Ziik must not only weave through the present day complexities of his homeland on his quest for justice; he must also learn to overcome himself to find peace.

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O.W.Ls Readathon 2020 | Update

Hello witches, wizards, muggles, and trolls! OWLs Readathon 2020 is running through the whole of April (check out my sign up post here), so I thought I would do a quick revision update to see how I have been getting on with each exam assignment now as we’re a week into this readathon!

This readathon is probably one of the few things keeping me sane at the moment. There is no sport on the TV, there is no frivolous trips out of the house in the nice weather, and working from home cabin fever is starting to hit. Don’t get me wrong, I am working and living in a nice house, but still it’s not the easiest time so a good readathon was definitely needed.

I’ve had a great month/readathon so far! I’ve used last weeks Cosy Reading Night and the lockdown to try and read more and it is so far working pretty well. I am definitely listening to less audiobooks now that my commute is only my stairs, but I am physically reading more books again and that is a very nice side effect. I am hoping to find some truly amazing stories, hopefully some that completely take me out of the world as it is now and into something.somewhere completely different and new and captivating. Continue reading “O.W.Ls Readathon 2020 | Update”

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Around the Year in 52 Books | 2020

Hello all and Happy Leap Year day! Is that a thing? I am going to make it a thing. I love that we’re nearly at the end of Feb because I don’t want to be super British and moan about the weather, but I cannot deal with how bad the weather has been this month. So to celebrate the end of the month

As the year goes by and I begin to fulfil the challenges, I plan to update the list and state which book I read. I am also planning on updating my Goodreads throughout. If you decide to take part too then there is a great Goodreads group that is the epicentre of all things relating to the reading challenge and has hints and ideas if you’re struggling for an idea in a particular area! Continue reading “Around the Year in 52 Books | 2020”