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#TheReadingQuest: Sign Up and TBR

Another week, another readathon, and this week I’m signing up for #TheReadingQuest. I came home from work today to find my housemate Emma constructing a TBR list with a game board and thought ‘I need to do this’, so here I am, way past the time I was planning to go to bed, writing a post. I say writing, much of this post is copied and posted from the original due to the rules, and complexity of the readathon. Now, that shouldn’t put you off folks, it’s my stupidity that needs the rules and regulations written somewhere I can easily find them.

This awesome readathon is courtesy of Aentee at Read At Midnight, so if you want more information, or to sign up and take part, please click on her blog name and be transported! The quest is set to take place between Sunday 13th August to Sunday 10th September, 2017. Continue reading “#TheReadingQuest: Sign Up and TBR”