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Bout of Books – Day 1


11am: my reading count currently stands at 114 pages (Pride and Prejudice), not too bad only 11 hours in. I have to apply for some jobs, write and complete articles for, and so I don’t see any more pages being read any time soon!

5.30pm: Reading count is still at 114 pages. I have applied for a lot of jobs, got all my pictures/nick-nacks back on my bedroom walls, and written and posted 3 articles. I’ve decided to get all my activities done before dinner, so I can read guilt and distraction free this evening.

8pm: Instead of reading, I decided to do a new post about book covers, very interesting but complete procrastination. I am going to read now, promise!

Bubble bath: check! Pride and Prejudice:check!
Bubble bath: check! Pride and Prejudice:check!

11:45pm: I have done a little reading, in the bath no less! My page count is not as high as I would have liked, just 146. I will hopefully get some more reading done before I go to bed. I am really enjoying the story of Pride and Prejudice, but finding it rather diffifuclt to read. The language is not conducive to my quick reading style, and is therefore inhibiting my progress. I might have to consider polygamous reading this week!

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Bring it on, Read-a-thon

Since I finished University, I have rediscovered my love for books. I have always loved literature, getting lost in the imagination of another, getting lost in the shelves at a library, getting lost in the smell of a new book, getting lost in….well you get the picture. While at University, I got into a terrible habit of reading poor* literature, and re-reading old stories instead or delving into new worlds. Now as I have regressed to my former, and better, reading habits, I have decided to take on my first read-a-thon.

read-a-thonI have chosen to join the Bout of Books read-a-thon. I am a quick reader, and can shift through books pretty quickly. But I am a phase reader, I don’t read regularly, I have months where I read a lot, and some where I don’t pick up a book. So in an effort to both read some new things, and get reading regularly, I’ve chosen a read-a-thon that centres itself around the reader. To a point, all read-a-thons do, but the low pressure setting, and the personal goals mantra of Amanda and Kelly suits me well.

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