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Welcome to Thailand

So we’re here. We have arrived. Our luggage has all arrived. Everything, and everyone, is in tact, if a little tired. It didn’t seem like 14 hours flying which is always good. It’s strange that we’re finally here after all this planning.

Qatar airways is luxury, I mean, seriously luxury. I have never had so much legroom on a plane, and I don’t think the seat ever reclined as far. The whole plane journey was a Man v Food style exercise. There was so much food that when they handed out boxed sandwiches we decided to squirrel them away for later. After 2 flights worth of food squirrelling, I can say that it was worth it. I am currently posting this whilst battling the desire to sleep. (The OC is doing it’s part too.) Even the transit airport at Doha was really nice, probably the nicest, fanciest airport I have been to. It felt like  celebrity could walk past at any time, well, if they didn’t have a super exclusive lounge for them to go to.

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