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Marc’s birthday weekend

IMG_7559Our last few days in Perth had been ear marked to do some fun things and see some new places around Perth with Marc and Helen. It would also turn into a bucket list bonanza, and a really good time spent with them alone. As great as it was seeing the lads, we were there to see Marc and Helen. Continue reading “Marc’s birthday weekend”

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Making up for Monday – Refusing to read authors

button_zpsf54ece10This week’s making up for Monday has been written to avoid the unpleasant task of packing our bags to perfectly fit the weight restrictions on Jetstar. We are under our overall weight limit, but we really need to learn to share the weight around all of the bags a little bit more evenly. Continue reading “Making up for Monday – Refusing to read authors”

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A drink from paradise…available on Earth

This is it. I am saying goodbye to Vietnam. Got to say, I’ve loved the activities here, but it’s not as awesome as Cambodia was!I have been a little disappointed by Hanoi, I feel like it is more real, and genuine Vietnam, but it has just been a bit crazy. Laos is meant to be so laid back, it will be a big change! We scheduled a little bit of a lie-in today, which was nice. I don’t think we will have many (any) before we get back to Bangkok. Not that I mind, I don’t want to miss anything while I am sleeping. Continue reading “A drink from paradise…available on Earth”

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Mission Impossible is Accomplished

Test pack completeWith aplomb if I do say so myself.

Today’s test pack went a lot better than expected. That huge pile that was shown in my previous post Testing, Testing fitted into the bags I am taking abroad with me. To be specific, in ONE bag. I have surprised myself and surpassed any packing expectations I had.

This has left me worried and twitchy. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely made up that everything I had in that pile comfortably fitted in. I just can’t help but think what have I forgotten? I do have some stuff to go into the smaller bag, such as documents, gadgets, and a few extra clothes, but it should still all comfortably fit.

In a fit of organisation that I am not normally known for, I wrote an inventory of everything that went into that big bag. Looking back at it, I can’t see anything on there that makes me think I have left something out.

Maybe I am a super-efficient packer? Maybe I come with little baggage? Maybe I have forgotten something major?

We shall see….

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Testing, Testing

Will it fit?
Will it fit?

So I haven’t blogged in a while, and I thought I should change that. I am disappointed in myself that I haven’t kept up with this as often as I would like already, but I guess I have been doing other important (well….?) stuff. Like applying for my Vietnamese visa, paying all my outstanding travel payments off, completing my travel shopping list, sorting my PADI card, getting a criminal check….you get the idea. So, to correct my recent run of not posting, I have decided that I am going to post twice today (you shall soon see why) and I am going to blog every day until I go travelling, and hopefully continue this while I am away.

Today is the day I have committed to a test pack. I need to see what will fit in my bags, what I do and don’t have room for, and what I am taking too much of. I have added a picture of the pile of stuff (that isn’t quite complete, there is stuff in the wash and also some stuff not bought yet) that has to fit in the bags I am taking on t he plane (also in the picture!)

It’s a bit of a mission impossible/bag jenga event. I shall blog after. Wish me luck!