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The 140 character book review – Bout of Books 12 Recap

I have had an incredibly busy couple of weeks; a couple of weeks that could only ever happen in Thailand. From monkey bites to ziplining, sunflowers to visa runs, Bout of Books to New Years Eve. It really has been wonderfully jam-packed!

Throughout this time, I have read. I mean really read. I have been shifting through books at quite a rate. I’ve had ample free time on an assortment of public transports, visa runs, and free lessons, so I’ve been doing something I enjoy with the time. Continue reading “The 140 character book review – Bout of Books 12 Recap”

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Bout of Books – Day 7

I cant believe it is day 7 already, and that the end is here!! Where has the week gone?! I hope you have all had a great Bout of Books 12, and that you have done as much reading as you hoped you would, and if you haven’t, I hope you have enjoyed what you have managed to finish! Continue reading “Bout of Books – Day 7”

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Bout of Books – Day 6

In Thailand, every year they have Children’s day on the second Saturday in January. For all those Maths whizz’s that means today. Today is children’s day. The park/lake in town is holding a big event for schools, and all the children are going to be there. Which if course means, so are the teachers. It’s a little strange getting ready to go to work on a Saturday for a job that’s normally Monday to Friday! I have absolutely no clue what today will entail, I just know there will be a lot of Thai children running, singing, and dancing, and that there will be stalls (I have heard a fabulous rumour that one will be offering free ice-cream) dotted around the place that each school is responsible for. Continue reading “Bout of Books – Day 6”

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Bout of Books 12 – Day 3

I am really enjoying this Bout of Books. I was worried that I’d give up because I’m away from home, and therefore real books, and because no one I know is doing it too, but no, I’m into it.

There is a real community feel with the Bout of Books read-a-thon that I’ve never really experienced outside of Tumblr in the blogging world and I really like it. Thanks guys!
Continue reading “Bout of Books 12 – Day 3”

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Bout of Books 12 – My illicit TBR

BoB12-200x200I wrote a few days ago that I was going to sign up for my second Bout of Books read-a-thon. I am not sure what the experience of completing a read-a-thon minus actual books will be like, but I wanted to do something that I’d do at home. Hopefully it will be as enjoyable as the last Bout of Books I did!

I know that the lovely Amanda and Kelly have removed the goals linky from the sign-up requirements for Bout of Books 12, but I have decided to do an illicit one anyway! Continue reading “Bout of Books 12 – My illicit TBR”