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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Character Names I’d Name a Child

tttGuys, something dreadful happened last night. No, it wasn’t the appalling result at Anfield (which, while it could have been a lot worse, was fairly horrendous), I forgot to blog. Well, I say forgot, it was more I didn’t have time, but the point still stands that I did not put out a blog post yesterday, and that was the first time in almost 2 months.

Oh well, the streak was great while it lasted, and thankfully today is a lovely TTT topic to get me back on track. For all you lovely people who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved. click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish team together to produce a book related topic each week, and you simply list the top ten of that topic. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Character Names I’d Name a Child”