The momentous and overdue verdicts that dominated both the front and back pages of the nations press is surprisingly hard to write about.  It’s been everywhere, and finally for a positive reason, but to sum it up in words has proven to be really difficult.

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Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool

I have mentioned this before, but for those of you that don’t know, I am a huge sports fan. (For more info see I like Sportz and I don’t care who knows) My favourite sports by a country marathon is football and favourite team, in case you haven’t realised from previous posts, is Liverpool. I have followed Liverpool for as long as I have followed football, and sport in general, and many of my happiest moments are tied to momentous occasions in Liverpool’s history. Yes that may be pathetic, but that is how it is.

I can remember my first ever Liverpool football match as clear as anything. My earliest footballing memories were of Michael Owen scoring against Wimbledon, and against Argentina in the world Cup (I know, they are pretty good footballing memories to have as your first) and from then, I just wanted to watch Owen, play for Liverpool, at Anfield. It came on December 28th 1998, my Mum’s birthday, against Newcastle United. I can remember us going 2-0 down and being upset, and then watching Michael Owen score, standing on my chair and being completely drowned out as my little girl screams were lost in the crowd. A player called Riedle, who for the life of me I can’t remember except for this game, scored one, then Owen scored what turned out to be the winner and Riedle completed his brace not long before the final whistle. From then I knew I would never tire of watching Liverpool play. For a long time, I never saw Liverpool lose, or draw, not until I went to see Lazio play with my brothers. Continue reading “Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool”

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I <3 Liverpool

I’m not normally one to randomly write I ❤ …… but I have decided that when it comes to Liverpool, that sums up my feelings well. I realise I start sentences/posts with ”I’m not normally one to…” or ”I don’t usually…” but this really is one of those cases.

magic of liverpool
”The magic of Liverpool is that it isn’t England” Margaret Simey

I have lived in Liverpool since birth. I am 100% a scouser through and through. I often say to people that Liverpool is the greatest city on Earth, and I sort of believed it. It wasn’t like I didn’t believe what I was saying, but I really took all the great things about the city for granted. Having friends up this weekend has reaffirmed my love undoubtedly, and even though we just aimlessly walked round the city, it is mightily impressive.

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Bout of Books – Day 6

Well, my first read-a-thon is nearly over 😦 I’ve really enjoyed it so far have you? My week has been fun, and I have finally read a book (Pride and Prejudice) that I have meant to read for years. I have finally got going, it’s just a shame at the end of the week. How has you read-a-thon gone? Is this your first one too?


8am: Yes, I am awake this early. I feel pretty alright considering how late I stayed up. This was completely by accident. After I finished Casino Royale and updated yesterday’s blog post  I accidentally started reading High Rise. I’m only up to page 40, mind you it’s not a particularly long book, and so far, I really don’t get it. I’m mainly reading it because Emma recommended it, and because filming has begun on a film adaptation (starring Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, and Jeremy Irons). It just seems a bit strange at the moment, and it’s not the sort of strange I readily go on with so far. We shall see. My friends will be here all day, so I have another day’s worth of fun distractions that will most probably keep me away from reading for today.

4pm: I have spent the day in Liverpool with my friends. Sometimes I forget how great Liverpool is, but when I am showing people round the city, even if it is just wondering aimlessly through the shopping centre, or along the river, I am remind that it really is the best city on Earth. I am going to miss it while I am away 😦

11:45pm: I am now just over half way through High Rise, which, considering my awesome guests, is quite good going. I am confused. It’s like a car crash, I am not enjoying it, it’s deeply unpleasant, and yet you can’t look away. It has this hypnotising quality that I can’t quite explain. The almost post-apocalyptic feel is neither here nor there for me. I do like the way Ballard switches perspective between different tenants within the high-rise, all of different social standings, to portray the intricate relationships and hierarchies that are present. I have a feeling that I am going to slate this, and then as soon as I close the last page, I will miss it, and think it was really good. I can hope. I do think it will make a very interesting film, and I feel like the casting is spot on.

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I Like Sportz and I Don’t Care Who Knows

I know quoting a Lonely Island lyric title (I know I have changed the ‘We’ to ‘I’ for any avid Lonely Island fans) is a little bit corny, but it completely sums up my last few weeks. My blog has so far solely centred around my University education ending and moving on, and while that is all well and great, it’s not all I am about. I love sports, a ridiculously large amount. I follow a lot of sports reasonably closely, I’m usually pretty useful on a pub quiz team in the sports round, I even have a pair of sports related tattoos, so I am sure, if you take all of this information and think about it, the last few weeks have been unbelievable for me. Well, months really.

I don’t really know how far to go back with my sporting obsessions for the year, so I am thinking, brush over the fact that my favourite player became darts world champion for the first time, and that the Winter Olympics were awesome this year – especially as I was able to watch everything (the beauty of a European host city.)

I am a huge football fan. It is without doubt my favourite sport to watch, and the sport I follow most closely. I am a Liverpool fan (for anyone who doesn’t know me, and hasn’t read my bucket list, I would like to stand in front of the Kop on the Anfield Turf, and I would like to see them win the league.) This year was great, heartbreaking, but great. For the first time since I was born (my Mum always reminds me we haven’t won the league since the year before I was born) I thought Liverpool were going to go all the way, and even though we were pipped to the post by Man City at the end, it was great to see my local team back where they belong at the top of the league, and qualifying for the Champions League again.

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Home, Sweet Home…?

Earlier this week, I stood on Lancaster Railway station waiting for the 14:39 Virgin train to London Euston for the las time, and I had a thought: “Do I Instagram this moment? It’s probably significant.” I never bothered, can’t say (yet) that I regret that. I still haven’t had that “this is it, this is the end moment” that everyone else on my Facebook feed seems to be having. I haven’t completely moved out of Lancaster yet, a load of my stuff still sits in my house there, but I have moved back into my parents house until I travel in September, so full all intents and purposes, I no longer live there. Maybe it will hit me when I need to find places in my room for all my stuff, or when I pack the last box of kitchen utensils for the last time, or maybe it will be when I stand alongside my friends at Graduation. I just don’t see it happening. Even though I won’t be able to go back like my friends will next year, when they need a break from the real world, I just don’t really get that end moment.

There are things about being home that are just awesome: having a decent shower, the ability to have a nice relaxing bath without feeling like you’re in a cave with a cave troll jumping above you (our extractor fan was rather noisy), being able to sit downstairs without worrying about next doors cat climbing through the window, having a big TV that has sky and HD and record and shows sport how it should be watched, the dishwasher (not having to wash all the dishes is vastly underrated) a separate washer and dryer, a garden, cars to pop to the shops in, better food, bath towels (not Disney beach towels – as much as I love them, there is nothing like getting out of the bath and wrapping yourself in a fluffy bath towel), family, and Liverpool.

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