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Friday Favourites: 12 Places Everyone Should See in Liverpool

liverI have been searching the internet for a good travel meme or post collective to get involved in for some time. Y’know, one similar to Top Ten Tuesday, or Top 5 Wednesday, but focusing on travel and not books. I haven’t managed to find something I could get hooked into or take part in, so I decided if it hasn’t been made, make it yourself. And so I have decided to start ‘Friday Favourites’. Each week I plan to mention my favourite things about a particular city, place, country, travel method, tips, etc.

Friday favourites is a fortnightly post featuring travel tips, guides, advice, and thoughts based on my travel experiences!  Continue reading “Friday Favourites: 12 Places Everyone Should See in Liverpool”



The momentous and overdue verdicts that dominated both the front and back pages of the nations press is surprisingly hard to write about.  It’s been everywhere, and finally for a positive reason, but to sum it up in words has proven to be really difficult.

never-forgotten-title Continue reading “Justice”


Thanks Stevie

sgthroughyearsLiverpool Football Club is not like any other football club. The club has seen triumph and tragedy, the very highest moments a club can experience, and the lowest anyone can go through with. Many players pass through the gates of Anfield and leave a mark on the club; on the fans. Some are remembered long after they hang up their boots and their names are still sung on the Kop.

And there is a local lad, a Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard. Continue reading “Thanks Stevie”

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We’re Just Not Beach People

aaaOur time in Thailand is coming to an end. We’ve travelled all over and seen some awesome things, and have reached our final stop: Krabi. Home to beaches, caves, and more beaches, Krabi is considered one of Thailand’s paradises, so should be the relaxing chill out time we need before the hectic run through Malaysia and Singapore. Continue reading “We’re Just Not Beach People”

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Making up for Monday

button_zpsf54ece10It has been a while since I have done this because my Monday’s haven’t needed making up for, but as I sit in a hotel lobby because our pick-up is now not leaving until 3 hours after it’s scheduled time, I have decided to rekindle it, because why not? Continue reading “Making up for Monday”