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A slow boat to the wild west

Man was it an early get up today. I got a great night’s sleep under my princess pink mosquito net on the strangers floor (no joke, a really good sleep) but still wasn’t ready for Jade’s alarm or the light-bulb switching on. They get up with the roosters here, how quaint, and it is so simple. In some ways I envy them, the simplicity of everything they do. And only another 11 hours on the slow boat, how bad can it be?! Continue reading “A slow boat to the wild west”

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The quick boat to the village

This morning we were up and checked out early. Annoyingly early, 5:10am early, too early. Oh well, we were organised at least. We were going to make offerings to the local monks on the side of the street and receive a blessing in the temple. Well, not all of us, Thuy and Katja both opted out. We had to pay $5 for the honour, to purchase something to offer to the monks. I had no issue in principal with this, except that I was given some coffee, Nescafé not even local stuff, and some people were given a pack of fake oreos. I mean come on, that has to be a) offensive b) not worth $5. Continue reading “The quick boat to the village”

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A little bit of chaos

I have absolutely loved Cambodia,  if the rest of the tour is this good it will be a brilliant 30 days.  Everywhere else has got an awful lot to live up to.  Today we’re off to Vietnam,  which means the monster 10 hr bus journey,  another border crossing,  and the first home stay.

I’m getting semi used to these 6am starts (we can pretend that no sleeping occurs on bus journeys) and I’m starting to get used to the mega bus journeys.  Don’t get me wrong if I could avoid them I would but,  we can’t,  so they’re too be tolerated. There was a little bit of room on the bus from sihanoukville to the border. The road from sihanoukville was no smoother than the road there.
Continue reading “A little bit of chaos”