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Have Yourself a Thai Christmas

December is well and truly here. It has rained, it’s gone cold*, and the Christmas decorations have gone up. Despite being half way around the world. I’ve received some Christmas cards from family, which has been lovely, some of which have turned out to be advent calendars (thanks Gran and Auntie B), so the whole place is beginning to feel a lot more festive.

*It’s only about 27 degrees this week, so, erm….cold. Continue reading “Have Yourself a Thai Christmas”

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thailand is full of surprises. It is a fiercely proud country, that has its own beliefs and systems, and Thai people on the whole stick to them. Thai people are religious, around 95% of the population are practising Buddhists, and celebrate their own festivals and events on a huge scale. It really is great to be a part of. What we have quickly realised is that, despite Thailand’s proud status, they like to celebrate anything and everything. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”