Adulting: Spring Clean Update

A few weeks ago, in fact, almost a month to the day, I posted about my desire to have a spring clean in my bedroom, in the house, and in my car. Well, Spring is now officially upon us and I’ve had a week off work, so I’ve tried to sort some things out in the house (with some help along the way!) Nothing is perfect yet, we’re definitely still a way off yet, but it’s generally looking a lot better so I wanted to fill you in on a few of the things I’ve been doing. Continue reading “Adulting: Spring Clean Update”


Adulting: Gallery Walls

A couple of weekends ago, I wrote a pair of posts about spring cleaning, in my life and on my blog. If I am honest, I haven’t done much with my blog, realising I needed to make some big decisions before I embarked on the mission. My room however, that was a different matter. I knew it needed sorting, and the response from the post confirmed that, so I set about tidying it.

It took a while, I can’t lie to you. There were lots of things to sort out and put away, and there was even furniture to move round. I sorted the mess on the floor, actually going through the papers and the clothes and sorting them into things to keep and things to chuck as I went, and started thinking of proper places to put things for the long run. I made full use of my under bed storage (something that I had completely forgotten about) and slowly but surely put my room together into a respectable place. Continue reading “Adulting: Gallery Walls”