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The Full Monte Read-Along

D’you know what’s better than tackling a long book, as classic, a book in translation? Doing it with some bookish friends during a Read-Along with a jazzy title, because who doesn’t love the title ‘The Full Monte’, eh? I’ve never done this kind of read-along before, but I want to read a classic, and one in translation for my various life challenges, and I have been told I’d like this book, so it was time. Time I tell you.

The Full Monte Read-Along is being hosted by Laura @ Reading in Bed. It’s not her first rodeo though folks, this is the fifth summer read-along, and in case you haven’t guess it already, we’re going to be tackling Alexandre Dumas’ 1000+ tome The Count of Monte Cristo. As Laura said in her post ”The title is relevant too, because there are abridged versions out there. Do not be fooled. We are going FULL MONTE, people.”

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