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Easter Readathon: Updates

Good morning bookworms! It’s officially Good Friday and the start of the long weekend off work in the UK. It also signals the start of The Easter Readathon, something I signed up to late but want to embrace. I readathon best when I get stuck in and commit some serious reading time into my schedule, which calls for an updates post! So let’s get reading, let’s keep each other accountable, and let’s have fun enjoying our stories!

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Bout of Books 21: Day 5

Its already Friday. I just cant believe it. Where has this week gone? Its almost halfway through January already. Ahhhhh. I’ve actually had a pretty awesome week so far. I feel like I’m back on track with reading, I’ve made new friends and connected with old ones. I’ve enjoyed blogging and tweeting. I’ve just been having a good time. It’s a shame I have to work this weekend or I’d be able to get some serious reading done!! I did finish my second and third books yesterday, although I still haven’t done the challenge. It will go back and do it because it was a real good’un.

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!

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Friday Reads: Pedro, Feng Shui, and Tavern

TGIF, Thank God it’s Friday. I say it like I’ve had a really hard week. I haven’t, and I only had a day off yesterday, but I am relieved to be going into a full weekend, with an early shift on the Friday. I am picking up my new car, we’re planning to have a weekend full of house activity, and relaxation, and it is much needed. I am reading two books that I have now been reading for a little while: one is something I hoped I would quite like and have really loved, and one is one I thought I would really like, and have struggled with. Clearly, I do not know or understand what I like to read. Continue reading “Friday Reads: Pedro, Feng Shui, and Tavern”

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Friday Reads: Holiday TBR

Holidays are coming…Holidays are coming….I have holiday fever and I’m not afraid to let it show. I’ve had a difficult couple of months with one thing or another, and have been looking forward to this holiday for a little while now, so I’m glad it’s finally here!! And with a holiday comes time, enjoyment, excitement, and holiday reads. I am still taking part in #TheReadingQuest, so my holiday reads are to tie in with this. Or that’s the plan anyway!  Continue reading “Friday Reads: Holiday TBR”

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Friday Reads: #TheReadingQuest goes Rogue

Afternoon one and all. It’s Friday, already, have you got that Friday feeling? What is the Friday feeling (I genuinely don’t really get it, maybe it’s because i work some weekends)? How is everyone? I’m back in work full time out of training now, and even though I’m still struggling with the after effects of the crash I feel more like myself. And these readathons (namely Tome Topple, #TheReadingQuest, and Bout of Books) are helping me along. Not being able to drive is annoying, yes, but it means I now sit waiting for and on trains for over an hour a day, so it has opened a nice guaranteed reading time for me to crack on with.

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