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Fat Friday: Week 31

Oops I did it again! I know, I realise it’s Saturday but in my defence we’re having the best weather we’ve had in months and my friends are to visit us for the weekend, so I have been a little bit preoccupied. I’ve had a busy week at work, followed by a couple of days of catching up and getting outdoors. I think the summer is arriving, and I am all about this better weather, this can stay.

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

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Bout of Books 18: Day 6

bob-expert06It’s the weekend: yey! I have the weekend off: yey! It’s the penultimate day of Bout of Books 18: booo! After all the overtime I have done this week, and know I have lined up for the rest of the month, I am quite tired. So, to combat that, Emma and I have devised a day that has maximum productivity for minimum effort. That sounds about right for the first Saturday of 2017, right?!

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Miami: The Last Leg

Wow. This is it. The last leg. The final destination. The end of almost a year abroad travelling the world and seeing some of the best places the world has to offer, with the best travel buddy around. And what a way to finish, with cocktails and football on Miami Beach, in the sun.

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Thanks Stevie

sgthroughyearsLiverpool Football Club is not like any other football club. The club has seen triumph and tragedy, the very highest moments a club can experience, and the lowest anyone can go through with. Many players pass through the gates of Anfield and leave a mark on the club; on the fans. Some are remembered long after they hang up their boots and their names are still sung on the Kop.

And there is a local lad, a Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard. Continue reading “Thanks Stevie”

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Koh Phangan

While travelling, there are some places you look forward to more than others, and some you think that won’t be your cup of tea quite as much; there are places that will exceed your expectations, fall wildly short, and sit perfectly where you think they should. Continue reading “Koh Phangan”

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Toppling Hell’s Angels

I am starting to get used to waking up early with an alarm. And I am starting to get used to wanting to get up early to make the most of my day. Not that the latter applied today, we were up early to get on a 4hr bus journey to Hue. Hue may as well be Pluto I know that little about it. Jade and I are trying to save money where we can at the moment, so when we saw bread rolls and cold meats at breakfast, we decided we would ‘acquire’ lunch from the breakfast buffet. May as well make the most out of the included meals when you can. Dad would have been proud. Continue reading “Toppling Hell’s Angels”


Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool

I have mentioned this before, but for those of you that don’t know, I am a huge sports fan. (For more info see I like Sportz and I don’t care who knows) My favourite sports by a country marathon is football and favourite team, in case you haven’t realised from previous posts, is Liverpool. I have followed Liverpool for as long as I have followed football, and sport in general, and many of my happiest moments are tied to momentous occasions in Liverpool’s history. Yes that may be pathetic, but that is how it is.

I can remember my first ever Liverpool football match as clear as anything. My earliest footballing memories were of Michael Owen scoring against Wimbledon, and against Argentina in the world Cup (I know, they are pretty good footballing memories to have as your first) and from then, I just wanted to watch Owen, play for Liverpool, at Anfield. It came on December 28th 1998, my Mum’s birthday, against Newcastle United. I can remember us going 2-0 down and being upset, and then watching Michael Owen score, standing on my chair and being completely drowned out as my little girl screams were lost in the crowd. A player called Riedle, who for the life of me I can’t remember except for this game, scored one, then Owen scored what turned out to be the winner and Riedle completed his brace not long before the final whistle. From then I knew I would never tire of watching Liverpool play. For a long time, I never saw Liverpool lose, or draw, not until I went to see Lazio play with my brothers. Continue reading “Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool”


I Like Sportz and I Don’t Care Who Knows

I know quoting a Lonely Island lyric title (I know I have changed the ‘We’ to ‘I’ for any avid Lonely Island fans) is a little bit corny, but it completely sums up my last few weeks. My blog has so far solely centred around my University education ending and moving on, and while that is all well and great, it’s not all I am about. I love sports, a ridiculously large amount. I follow a lot of sports reasonably closely, I’m usually pretty useful on a pub quiz team in the sports round, I even have a pair of sports related tattoos, so I am sure, if you take all of this information and think about it, the last few weeks have been unbelievable for me. Well, months really.

I don’t really know how far to go back with my sporting obsessions for the year, so I am thinking, brush over the fact that my favourite player became darts world champion for the first time, and that the Winter Olympics were awesome this year – especially as I was able to watch everything (the beauty of a European host city.)

I am a huge football fan. It is without doubt my favourite sport to watch, and the sport I follow most closely. I am a Liverpool fan (for anyone who doesn’t know me, and hasn’t read my bucket list, I would like to stand in front of the Kop on the Anfield Turf, and I would like to see them win the league.) This year was great, heartbreaking, but great. For the first time since I was born (my Mum always reminds me we haven’t won the league since the year before I was born) I thought Liverpool were going to go all the way, and even though we were pipped to the post by Man City at the end, it was great to see my local team back where they belong at the top of the league, and qualifying for the Champions League again.

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