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Miami and Fort Lauderdale

When planning a holiday in February/March, two things spring to mind as someone who lives in Europe: Ski break, or winter sun. I’ve broken too many bones and had too many injuries to truly opt for the first option, so after my Dad and brother booked to go skiing in France, my Mum and I decided to go to Florida for some Caribbean sun. Sandwiched either side of our Caribbean cruise was a little time to see a bit more of Florida that I haven’t yet made it to, so, before we spent a couple of days in Fort Lauderdale, and on the way back to the airport, we took an all important pit stop at a Miami mall. Continue reading “Miami and Fort Lauderdale”

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Drowning, Dolphins, Flying, and Quarter hunting

2009-Seaworld-ShamuWhile Disney and Universal made up a large part of the Floridian leg of our travels, it was by no means everything we did while we were in Orlando. We visited the other parks, we swam with dolphins, we trawled round shopping malls, and went quarter hunting. For me, Florida will always translate as ‘Disney’ but we had a great time elsewhere too!

*It is embarrassing that I am writing this over a year after I returned from this amazing trip, but none the less, I need to finish these blog posts, or I will forever kick myself! Continue reading “Drowning, Dolphins, Flying, and Quarter hunting”