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Flight of the Gibbon

What, I hear you ask, could possibly be better than ziplining, hiking, and flying through the jungle alongside gibbons in Thailand? I’ll tell you; doing it for free! Continue reading “Flight of the Gibbon”

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Friday Reads – February 6th

My Friday Reads are becoming more successful. After the travesty that was the first weekend, where absolutely nothing was read at all, and then last weekend where I read some of what I pledged to read, let’s hope this weekend actually sees me reach (and exceed….but lets not get too over-excited eh?) target. Continue reading “Friday Reads – February 6th”

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Friends, Fun, and Flying

When we knew we had a week off in the middle of the semester, we always planned to come to Bangkok. Part of me wishes we hadn’t, because as soon as we left the hotel I remembered how much I disliked the place, but so far, it’s been the break we needed from teaching and Roi-Et. Continue reading “Friends, Fun, and Flying”