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Bout of Books – Day 5

I’m just going to get straight in there with the important stuff. Yesterday, we made fajitas. And not ‘we gave it a go but they don’t have anything to make it properly here’ fajitas, actual flipping fajitas. They were as marvellous a I could have hoped they would be.

Yesterday was actually just a good day all round. I lost it in front of a class – not shouting though, giggling – after two students did a stupid dance/slap off and I couldn’t stop myself laughing. At the front. When I was supposed to be leading a game of ‘Teacher says…’ and singing ‘Heads, shoulder, knees, and toes’. And I read, really read. I shifted through around 200 pages of Order of the Phoenix, and read the whole of Out of the Blue! Continue reading “Bout of Books – Day 5”