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Las Vegas

There some days where you have huge plans, but unsumountable tiredness prevents you from carrying those plans through. There are some days where you are so prepared for the day that you accomplish everything you set out to do and enjoy the whole time. And there are some days where no matter how tired you are, you can’t bail on your plans, and no matter how good they seem to be, you doubt whether they are worth it. Continue reading “Las Vegas”

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The Terror of the Visa Run: Victory! We Have Victory!

The battle to gain non-immigrant status has been so long and chaotic, that amongst other things, it spawned it’s own blog title series – not bad going! As you have probably guessed from the title of this post, we finally, FINALLY have our visa to work here. Just in time to leave, so obviously, perfect timing. Continue reading “The Terror of the Visa Run: Victory! We Have Victory!”

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The Terror of the Visa Run: The Visa Run Strikes Back

I love Thailand, I really do. The weather is great, the people are lovely, the country is beautiful. There is a way of life here that I haven’t ever experienced before and that I will miss hugely when I leave.

That said, I won’t miss the bureaucracy, and the instability with my visa situation one bit. Continue reading “The Terror of the Visa Run: The Visa Run Strikes Back”

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Flight of the Gibbon

What, I hear you ask, could possibly be better than ziplining, hiking, and flying through the jungle alongside gibbons in Thailand? I’ll tell you; doing it for free! Continue reading “Flight of the Gibbon”

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On top of the World

I have absolutely loved Vang Vieng, but I was excited to leave and see more of Laos. What I wasn’t enthusiastic about was between 7 and 8 hours on a coach on yet more windy roads. Feeling sick on a coach is unpleasant at the best of times, but when the views are as great as they are in Laos, it feels like even more of a waste! It just feels so untouched and unspoilt here, it’s really awesome.

Continue reading “On top of the World”

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It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

After yesterday’s exciting adventures, experiences, and escapades, a lie-in was needed to recover. While that was welcomed, some of the group’s hangovers were not! Luckily, no big activities were planned to go on. Unluckily, there was a 7hr bus journey from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.

To say some Cambodian roads are bumpy is an injustice to bumps. There were pot holes the size of cars, and rocks that were nothing short of boulders. No wonder the journey took so long. Well that, and the bus’s mechanical issues at the rest stop halfway through the journey. To add to the bumpy road, we also experienced the first rain burst. Luckily we were on the bus, as it was heavy. Thankfully it released the humidity, and it is no longer unbearably hot everywhere you go regardless of the time of day.

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