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Book Haul #1

haulstakcI saw the lovely Emma┬áhad posted a book haul post, which made me think of all the books that I have ‘acquired’ since Christmas. Now, I am not including the books that I received on Christmas, just the ones bought since Christmas Day. I am supposed to be on a book buying limit, but, erm, well, that isn’t going so well. In my defence though, I am reading at a higher rate than I pretty much ever have before, so y’know. I am addicted to books, to buying, owning, and reading them, so it will come as no surprise that I have bought as many as I have, and as you can see (by numbering this post haul #1) I am pretty sure the spending spree on books will most likely continue.

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Tag: Book Scavenging

I have been looking at my bookshelves for a few weeks trying to work out how to arrange my books and DVD’s when my friend moves in. To take a break, I thought I would visit my parents house (because that is where the TV is that has Sky Sports is, and y’know, football) and write some blog posts. Instead of writing with a travel theme, I re-stumbled across Emma’s post, and decided I would do a book scavenger hunt of my own. Continue reading “Tag: Book Scavenging”

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Bout of Books 16: Day 2

Bout of Books 16I have a feeling that this Bout of Books is going to disappear an awful lot quicker than I am going to find acceptable! It’s already Day two, and I don’t envisage much reasonable reading time today either!!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Things on my bookshelf that aren’t books

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 14.28.55As I sit in our hotel room, watching the tennis and nursing a very sore foot, I wanted to do something that wasn’t just sitting on my backside all day. Emma, the same one who got me blogging, and involved in book memes in the first place, posted earlier a meme earlier today that I have been meaning to look into for a while. So as I am not doing that much today, I thought I would get involved. It might become a regular thing, it might not, we shall see. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday: Things on my bookshelf that aren’t books”

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Judge a book by its cover

Let’s be honest here, in all walks of life we judge books by their covers. We may say we don’t, we may like to think we don’t – but we do. I know I am very guilty of doing this with actual books – i’d like to think that proverbially, I don’t all into this trap as much.

I love books, I love reading, I love bookshelves, I love libraries, I love book shops, and I love bookends. There is nothing more I hate than getting a book and then having to give it away/sell it. Well there is, owning a partial collection (I suffer this in both the Sylvia Day Crossfire series and The Twilight saga – I never intend to re-read either, but the fact they’re not complete bugs me no end) or owning a complete collection of hotch-potch editions (again, The Twilight saga: Twilight – paperback movie edition, New Moon – paperback normal edition, Eclipse – missing, Breaking Dawn – hardback normal edition) as both mess up the (vague) order of my bookshelf. Continue reading “Judge a book by its cover”