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New Year’s Resolution: 2nd Quarter Check-In

I know I must sound lile a broken record on all of these updates posts but seriously can you believe that it’s half way through the year already?! It’s a cracking day again here in Liverpool and when it’s lile this, it’s a good time to check in on your progress, you feel less rubbish if you’re not doing well!!

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Blog Spring Clean

I’ve really got back into blogging over the past few months. I’ve got into a bit more of a blogging groove, and feel like I have a little bit of a blogging routine forming. The more I fall into blogging, and planning, and writing, the more I notice that I am unhappy with aspects of my blog itself. With this in mind, I have been looking into different aspects that can be tweaked and improved, and little things that I can do that will make me happier overall.

It’s time for some blog admin, an e-spring clean if you will. There are so many little bits of my blog that I am not entirely happy with, and I don’t quite know how or if it’s possible to fix them. There are aspects of my blog that I am debating upgrading and think now is the perfect time to consider them. Continue reading “Blog Spring Clean”