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May the odds be ever in your favour

Sunrises have become a bit of a thing this holiday. As we had requested, and gained, such a good room, getting up was never really negotiated, it just happened. Another 5am start, which strangely, wasn’t an issue in my mind at all.When you wake up with a view of Ha Long bay, sunrise is just a necessity. When we got up, however, the bay seemed quite misty, and we weren’t sure which direction over the bay the sun would actually rise. The sky was getting a little paler, but there was no sign of the actual sun. Continue reading “May the odds be ever in your favour”

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Massages, Jellyfish, Buckets, and Hats

I have really enjoyed Cambodia, but I was absolutely ready to leave Phnom Penh. I never felt like it was quite safe at any point, there was a lot of rubbish and noise, and it just wasn’t really for me. I am not usually much of a beach person (I am paranoid that my milky white skin that loves to be bright red but frazzle in the sun) but I was ready to relax in Sihanoukville. I have loved how much we have done on the tour so far, but a couple of days to relax and explore at a more leisurely pace is very much welcome.

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