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…The work begins

I’ve been worrying about all this teaching lark for weeks, and now that it is finally here, I’m not sure what to make of it. My guess (as great as the people and the company are) is that it will be considerably less interesting than the tour was, so I’m just going to blog for the week in one go.  Once teaching starts I will go back to blogging when I have time, or when something interesting happens, so I may as well get back into that routine now, eh? Meeting everyone has been a blast, there are so many different people from different places and different backgrounds. I can’t believe we all get to teach the kids. The meeting people element of travelling I think is my favourite part so far, as great as seeing all these amazing places has been. I can’t believe in less than a week I will say goodbye to two sets of awesome people! Continue reading “…The work begins”

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The holiday ends….

I hate it when holidays are over, I hate saying goodbye to people, I hate going back to work.

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The end’s not near, it’s here

For those of you who are super-observant/super OC fans, yes that is an episode title, I just had to rob it as it fits so well. The last day (technically the last day is tomorrow, but departure day isn’t a full 24hr period, so it doesn’t count) is here, :(. This tour has raced by, I can’t believe that tomorrow I will say goodbye to all these people. At least we have a big goodbye planned (more on that later). There is a lot to do in Bangkok, so we’re pretty sure that we can afford to leave things like the Grand Palace until we return in March (unless we’re based here for teaching), so until then, less glamorous activities such a work shopping in one of the many local malls is necessary. Continue reading “The end’s not near, it’s here”

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All aboard the tuk tuk express

I finally feel like we are here,  travelling and seeing things further than a hotel room and pool. Today has been a day full of firsts and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I hope the whole 11 months are as good.

In typical British fashion,  I thought and worried about the weather a lot.  It’s lovely.  Hot but not unbearable,  muggy,  but not completely unmanageable,  and so far no rain,  even though it’s rainy season.  Result!

This morning,  when I woke up,  I had my first bite,  an absolute whopper,  so I started my anti malarials straight away.  Thankfully Bangkok is low risk.  We also had our first thai breakfast.  Many things were usual,  eggs,  sausage,  toast,  however,  it was a surprise to see spaghetti bolognese and egg fitted rice.  It was included in the hotel,  so when in Rome……(or even Thailand) Continue reading “All aboard the tuk tuk express”

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Welcome to Thailand

So we’re here. We have arrived. Our luggage has all arrived. Everything, and everyone, is in tact, if a little tired. It didn’t seem like 14 hours flying which is always good. It’s strange that we’re finally here after all this planning.

Qatar airways is luxury, I mean, seriously luxury. I have never had so much legroom on a plane, and I don’t think the seat ever reclined as far. The whole plane journey was a Man v Food style exercise. There was so much food that when they handed out boxed sandwiches we decided to squirrel them away for later. After 2 flights worth of food squirrelling, I can say that it was worth it. I am currently posting this whilst battling the desire to sleep. (The OC is doing it’s part too.) Even the transit airport at Doha was really nice, probably the nicest, fanciest airport I have been to. It felt like  celebrity could walk past at any time, well, if they didn’t have a super exclusive lounge for them to go to.

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