Adulting: Savings Update

I don’t know if I have mentioned it over the past few months, but I am going to Disney at the end of the year. If you haven’t heard, I am going at the end of October, doing a couple of days in Universal (Harry Potter’s Wizarding World really) and then going on to Disney to get the best of the Hallowe’en and the Christmas decorations. I am anticipating wanting lots to of spending money to spend on souvenirs, knick knacks, and all round treat myself. The problem with this: Universal, Disney, Transatlantic flights, they are all expensive.

I’m super lucky that I work in travel, an industry that allows me to explore the world, and gives me an excuse to go on holiday. The “problem” with this is saving money for a trip that far in the future, when you have 3 international holidays planned before. I know I know, I shouldn’t complain, and I am 100% not actually moaning about this fact, I love travelling, but it means I have been sidetracked. I knew this would be an issue working in the job that I do, so as soon as I started, I opened a variety of savings accounts and began researching savings methods. Continue reading “Adulting: Savings Update”


Adulting: Spring Clean

Yesterday, I posted all about my blog. I posted about the changes I wanted to make, and I posted about the big decisions I have ahead for how I want my blog to be. It made me think about my life as a whole. Now, stay with me here, it’s not going to be quite as deep as I made it sound there, but, why stop at an e-spring clean? My bedroom looks like a nuclear bomb detonated a series of hand grenades in every drawer and wardrobe and then a group of monkeys were released to reek havoc with any available piece of clothing. I know you’re probably thinking that’s an exaggeration, but the photos later will show you that I’m not joking.

My car is also creeping along the untidy scale at an alarming rate. I’ve had Pedro for about 6 months now, and I vowed to keep him clean and tidy. I was doing relatively well, he was quite tidy and pretty clean (at least on the inside) for quite a long time, but over the last couple of weeks, he has just suddenly began breeding rubbish. I know my car needs cleaning on the outside because I drive far each day between fields, and it is pretty dusty, but inside was always nice and neat. Now as that’s changing, it’s starting to stress me out a little, which in turn has stressed me out about my room.

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Adulting | Moon Cup Review

OK, I am going to start this post with a very short introduction. It’s going to be about all things ‘Ladies Time of the Month’, so, if this isn’t your bag, you don’t want to know, I’d encourage you to click on something a little more up your street! Continue reading “Adulting | Moon Cup Review”


Adulting: Savings

Money. We all need it everyday, and yet lots of us are really bad at keeping some back for the harder times. I’ve been thinking about saving a lot over the past few years. First I saved to go to Kenya in 2010, then I saved at University to travel the world for a year, and for the last 2 1/2 years, my savings efforts have been split towards having a proper adult life and having enough money to see places. There’s so many different types of savings accounts, methods, not to mention pensions, that it’s been a couple of years of trying and testing different methods.

So, with that in mind, I have a set of 2018 Savings goals and some methods to try and help me achieve them! Continue reading “Adulting: Savings”


New Year, New Resolutions: Welcome 2018

2017 has been a mixed year overall really. It’s been a year of some really enjoyable highs, and some pretty crappy lows, and just about everything in between. On a global scale, the world is becoming unrecognisable, and uncomfortable; on a personal level, life doesn’t look nearly as rose-y as it did at this time last year.

My resolutions for 2017 proved quite eye-opening, and really showed me what my priorities are. It made me think about things that I find important, and regularly looking back at my resolutions in the form of quarterly check-ins kept my resolutions in the forefront of my mind, and made them more attainable. Emma, my friend/housemate/fellow blogger at The Terror of Knowing has some resolutions that cross over, so I think we can hopefully use each other to keep us accountable.

So, without further ado, my resolutions for 2018: Continue reading “New Year, New Resolutions: Welcome 2018”


Adulting: Manners Maketh Man

I’m sitting in a hotel after a day full of sightseeing in London, and after having an awesome day touring the Palace of Westminster and shopping in Harrods, I am left with a nagging feeling of irritation. This often happens when I navigate London streets, make my way through the underground system, and battle the crowds of Christmas shoppers, and today was no different.

Now, those of you who know me are probably thinking that it’s rich of me to say this and that they’ve known more polite or tolerant people than me, but I really do believe that manners are free and not used enough.

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Adulting: Growing out a Pixie Cut 2

A few months ago, way back in April in fact, I talked all about the process of growing out a pixie cut. I moaned about the constantly worsening state of my hair, and my sheer stupidity and pigheadedness in believing that this phase would completely pass my by. That post was written around 3 months into growing out, so here we are 5 months down the line and 8 months into the growing out process and we have hit ‘The Bob’ phase.

I was going to write a completely new post today, but when I was going back and reading the old post, I couldn’t help but giggle at where I was, and think about where I have come, so I’ve copied some of the points I made and added round 2 commentary! Continue reading “Adulting: Growing out a Pixie Cut 2”