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Games of Book-a-thon: Round 1 and Sims-a-thon | Update

Evening Westerosi and fellows sims! Welcome to a Round 1 of Games of Books-athon and Sims-a-thon update! This month has gone by really quickly and holiday preparations for Russia next week are now well under way. I am planning on taking things to read on holiday, obviously, I can’t survive without books even while I’m away, but I am conscious that my reading rate may slow down and that I might not want to take some of the Games of Booksathon reads with me as they are heavy longer books.

Both readathons are running simultaneously from June 1st to June 30th, so I have managed to get every read so far to cross off a prompt from each readathon. I am really pleased with my progress so far and have gone from feeling woefully behind to quite on top of things pretty quickly!

A Game of Books-a-thon

A Games of Books-a-thon is a Game of Thrones themed readathon that is running through the rest of 2019. Hosted by the lovely Noura (you can find her sign up post on her blog The Perks of Being Noura), Round 1 is running through June and features bookish prompts centring around characters, books, houses, and places in the A Song of Ice and Fire world. Rounds 2 and 3 will be taking place in July, and then Round 3 through the rest of the year. To make things easier, the challenges for this readathon are coloured dark red.

Part of the readathon is also learning points for your house. After reliably doing a quiz on Buzzfeed (linked here if you’d like to do it too) I have been declared a Lannister. I’m not gonna lie, I’m quite pleased about this. They’re one of the best families in the books and the show (yes, best, not nicest!). I liked the books a lot and I am watching the third season of the show at the moment so it’s come at the right time!!

House Lannister are off to a pretty strong start. There aren’t that many of us, but we’re doing it for the lion and doing it well. I have read the group book before, A Game of Thrones, so have managed to tick that off and at just over the half way point I have completed 7 of the prompts, and I am reading for the 8th – well on the way to King/Queen territory.


Sims-a-thon is the brainchild of Bianca of Bianca Reads and is based on the video game The Sims. You play as a sim, creating a life and lifestyle and reading for career progression and life milestones. I never played The Sims too much, but I liked the game and love the idea of such a flexible readathon. There a lots of challenge so if I finish all of the Games of Books-a-thon prompts then I will try and read more for this readathon. To make things easier, the challenges for this readathon are coloured green.

I am doing pretty well so far I think. All the challenges within the readathon equate to points, so everything you’re reading will influence the amount you end up getting and I really like that. My current points total is: 26.


House Baratheon/Create a Household

Shades of Magic #5 Night of Knives V E Schwab, Enrica Angiolini and Andrea Olimpieri


Westeros/Build a House

Viper Bex Hogan


House Targaryen/Interior Design

The Burning Page Genevieve Cogman


Wildlings/Choose a Career: Secret Agent

Jackaby William Ritter

Daenerys/Get a promotion

A Princess in Theory Alyssa Cole


The Game of Thrones/Change your career: Writer

Assassin’s Curse Cassandra Rose Clarke

House Tyrell/Have a baby

What Happens Now? Sophie Money-Coutts


House Stark/Meet the Grim Reaper

My Sister, The Serial Killer Okinyan Braithwaite


House Lannister/Make a friend

All of This is True Lygia Day Peñaflor

House Greyjoy/Fall in Love

The Pirate’s Wish Cassandra Rose Clarke

A Clash of Kings/Have an affair

Her Royal Highness Rachel Hawkins


Are you taking part in these readathons?

What have you read so far?

Which challenges have you completed?

6 thoughts on “Games of Book-a-thon: Round 1 and Sims-a-thon | Update”

  1. Great job finding one book to fit both readathons! Looks like you’re doing well! BTW, I picked up Priory of the Orange Tree on Kindle a few weeks ago for a steal! Dunno when I’ll be fitting this behemoth in though! lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’ve had to work quite hard to make them fit, don’t think I would get even close to finishing Games of Booksathon without doing it (there’s no chance I will get full points for Simsathon haha)
      Oooooo yay. Priory is still my favourite book this year!! It is big, but, once you’re 50/100 pages in it takes off at quite a pace 😁


      1. I liked The Bone Season but read it just after Priory. It’s her first novel and there is a notable jump in quality between TBS and Priory, although the idea and basis is there.
        Priory is stunning, shows off how thorough and lyrical her writing is!!


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