4 thoughts on “Games of Book-a-thon: Round 1 and Sims-a-thon | Sign Up and TBR”

  1. Whoa the Sims one looks complicated! lol. I never played The Sims. The GoT one looks cool. Maybe I’ll hit that one up next year. I’m doing a 2-week scifi readathon right now at Seasons of Reading blog and #pagesathon on Instagram!

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    1. That’s awesome, I hope the readathon goes well for you!!
      Yeah the Game of Thrones one is cool, and it’s running for ages as a whole because this is just round 1!
      Hahaha, I thought the Sims one seemed complicated at first, but it’s actually really easy. You just pick a start point and follow the arrow until you’re in Live Mode and you can then so what you want. It’s really flexible which is why I can do both readathon at once 😂😊


  2. OMG thank you so much for posting this, otherwise I would’ve totally forgotten that I’m joining the Game of Book a thon as well 😀 Good luck for this month!!!

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