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T5W: Fictional Places I’d Take a Date To

I love it when a topic comes along on Top 5 Wednesday that makes you think ‘oooooo I like it’. This was one of those weeks, obviously, or that previous comment wouldn’t have made any sense! I think we often fall into the habit of thinking about where we would go or what we like when it comes to prompts and tags, but not what we would do with other people.

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Hogsmeade/The Three Broomsticks from Harry Potter

A nice walk through a snowy old town, a glance into some magical shops, a jaunt to a haunted house, and a warm and cosy drink at a vibrant and happy pub. Name me a better date, I dare you!

Diagon Alley from Harry Potter

I mean part of this is probably in the post before, but a great place that would have something for everyone. A cheeky walk through some shops, the option to stop and buy joke-ish items and make each other laugh. You could get ice-creams and watch the world go by together.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I love sweets and chocolate. I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t date anyone who didn’t also love sweets and chocolate. With this in mind, a trip to a crazy fun chocolate factory where everything is edible should be a great date location.

Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings

Enchanted woods made for romantic walks. Hospitable hosts that would care for you. Lots of music and dancing and fine food. This sounds like the right recipe for an awesome date and it’s a hugely awesome added bonus that I also really want to go there!

The Capitol from The Hunger Games

I can already here everyone’s deep gasp and confusion at this one, but, The Capitol would have everything that you would need to impress a date. Fine dress, good food, great drinks, dancing, and there would be something to do there for anyone.

I enjoyed that. It was a lot of fun to think about where would be a good date location, or cater for anyone and everyone. That said, it sets the bar high for any actual dates, don’t you think?

Would you take a date to any of these places?

Where would you most like to take a date to?

2 thoughts on “T5W: Fictional Places I’d Take a Date To”

  1. The Chocolate Factory — only if I know my date won’t go running off and falling into a chocolate river! I’m definitely in for Three Broomsticks too (though I think I’d rather take a date to Honeyduke’s and just eat ourselves silly with sugar)

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    1. I mean we could go and buy all the sweets and then sit in a sugar slump in the pub because that’s an awesome plan!!
      Yes there are risks with the chocolate factory but I think they pay off because it’s a chocolate factory

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