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My Perfect Library

It’s not the warmest or the best of Saturday afternoons, or February days, so I have decided to get myself lost in the beauty that is dream libraries! I was tagged by the lovely Fi of Fi’s Bibliofiles to describe my perfect library and man oh man is this a difficult thing to do. I can’t be restrained to the normal, so we’re going to be mixing the fantastical with outdoors with comfort and it is going to be epic and probably completely over the top.


This is simultaneously super difficult and easy. It’s got to be a magical location, and by that, I mean it has to be in a T.A.R.D.I.S so I can have this humongous mahoosive library but it take up next to no room, and that you can access it through a secret door in my house. Who doesn’t love the idea of having a secret or magic door, ooo yes a magic door to get into the library. Now, once in there, it has to have a cosy reading nook AND a window seat AND an outdoor woodsy area AND beanbags. That’s all possible right? There will undoubtedly be a fire, and a breeze outside, and when I am inside it will be raining outside and when I am outside it will be perfectly warm and clear.


As I have hinted at in the location, I want a variety of seating choices. I am a huge fan of a big comfy armchairs, and rather partial to a sofa, so there would have to be a super comfortable option for either of my wants there. I would also like a beanbag, because why no, and some sort of cosy reading nook that feels all dark and cosy and warm, with blankets and pillows and all manner of warm things. I also like the idea of having a window seat that overlooks my library garden/forest area. Outside, I want a comfy sun lounger armchair affair that is below a parasol that is always at the right angle.


They will be built all along a wall in the main library as like a wall to ceiling feature that means I don’t need to paper the walls in anyway. I also want them under the window seats/frames, and in the alcoves next to the fire. I want one of those sliding ladders so I can reach all of the books I want to easily. I’d also really like them to be made of a really solid dark wood, like mahogany or something, that will look great in the darkness and provide awesome contrast in the light.


OK, firstly, by the standard fiction or non-fiction divider, and then by book type, so paperbacks and hardbacks and graphic novels. Once I have all the books separated, I’d then shelve the non-fiction by area e.g. comedians, travel, religion, history, memoir etc and then alphabateise by author’s last name and then book title. The fiction would be sorted by genre, and then once again I’d alphabateise by author’s last name and then book title. Graphic novels and comics would more be by lead creator last name and issue number!


I think when I am inside I would like the sound of heavy rainfall outside, and a crackling fire. I would also like there to be some soft classical music playing, but not old fashioned classical music, ideally classical versions of pop and rock songs, and famous film scores!!


I like natural light, but that isn’t going to shine so brightly that I can’t really see, so I think I would hope that the majority of the time is beautiful bright natural light flowing through the windows, but that I also have the opportunity to have it super dark so I can get snug as a bug under a lamp and read curled up!


Now this, this is a hard done. I think, for a start, I would need to have the ability to change it on a whim depending on my mood. In the morning, I would like the soft smells of baking goodies and coffee, and then in the afternoon probably fresher smells of mint, lime, patchouli, and then in the evening, I’d like cosy smells like mulled wine and cocoa. The I’m outside I want the smell of pine and forests and all things natural.

I really don’t care that this is definitely over the top and unrealistic, it’s supposed to be a dream library am I right? I know that having all of this stuff, and unlimited charging ports, and always at the perfect temperature is completely outlandish, but it combines everything I like about libraries and reading spaces and I would just love something like this. My actual house has books in a lot of places, and we already have walls of books in our bedrooms and in the alcoves by the fire in our living room. We have an armchair and blankets and a fire, so we’re getting there as much as our house will allow.

If you fancy taking part, then please consider yourself tagged. I’d love to see what you would have in your perfect library, so don’t forget to tag me back!!

Would this be your perfect library too?

What would you add to your perfect library?

4 thoughts on “My Perfect Library”

  1. Sounds delightful! I’m almost done perfecting my real library, I’m just looking for an antique-looking fainting couch and a nice comfy armchair and a really cool but useful lamp. Just got three new bookcases and spent last weekend re-sorting all 1,384 books! I did have 1,484, I’m proud I got rid of 100 books even though it’s super hard for me to do. Some for my niece and nephew, some for my SIL, and most for the local library. My only sorting is alphabetized by author, I can’t have it any other way. lol. I now have six 6ftx3ft bookcases and a hutch that has 3 shelves that total 6ftx3ft. Three huge windows, two which look out to a locally famous mountain and my front garden. And it currently smells like sugar cookies because that’s the candle I most recently lit! lol. And smells like books and freshly varnished bookcases. Being in it just makes me want to grab every book and start reading!!! I definitely want to read more physical books this year, I know I have a lot that will be read and donate. Most of my books are books I haven’t read yet.

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    1. That sounds like such an awesome room. I’d love to have an actual library/reading room in the house, but it’s not practical just yet. This sounds incredible though!!
      Yeah getting rid of Books is hard, 100 is a lot. Hopefully they go to other great homes!


  2. Your dream library sounds amazing! Even if it might not all be able to exist at once! I totally agree about having both outdoor and indoor spaces. We’re moving house this week so I’m already planning out where my bookshelves will go…

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    1. Thank you, if only it could all be real outside my head!!
      The bookshelves were the first thing put up after my bed in my house, important things first haha! Good look with the move!


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