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Bout of Books 24: Day 5

You guys I’m tired. It’s supposed to be the end of the week, but I don’t have that Thank God It’s Friday feeling because my next day off is actually next Thursday. I know it’s my own fault, shift swaps and what not, but its leaving me with no energy left to read. That’s it, enough moaning, onwards and upwards now as I have had my mini rant. We have 3 days left of this readathon, let’s see how much we can all read.

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


4:45am: I am up at the pre-crack of dawn again and this time I actually checked I was supposed to be in at 6am before I left for work. I was, huge relief. This morning I actually woke up properly without my alarm AND HAD FORGOT TO SET ONE SO IT’S A GOOD JOB. I have now done so many early shifts I naturally wake up at that time every day. What a blessing and a curse rolled into one.

6:00am: I delay the beginning of my working day to bring you news that I am seriously enjoying These Rebel Waves and think that it is already going to be one of my favourite books this year. Yes, I am making such a bold claim because it is 6am and I am trying to avoid falling asleep in my work chair.

10:30am: It’s my lunch, which is farcical as it’s only 10:30am, but when you’ve been up for 6 hours already, I guess it kinda works out. I have managed to write a full review today and partially review another book. I don’t want to get too far behind at the beginning of the year and it means I am going to have stockpiled posts to go over the next couple of weeks which is never a bad thing after a readathon ends. Quieter patches in work are good occasionally for this kinda thing.

14:00pm: I literally cannot wait to get home because when I get home I am going to climb into my bed and have a nap, and by nap, I mean have a sleep until I need to go and collect Emma from the station to run some errands.


19:00pm: I have made it to nearly half way through the audiobook of These Rebel Waves and even though I don’t love the narrator, I am really really enjoying it. Like, super enjoying it. It just seems so new and fresh even though it’s really not. I’m not going to lie to you, I haven’t even looked at today’s challenge yet, I think that’s going to be a late night job.


Today’s challenge is a classic: If you like this, try this!

If you like fake dating, and the film The Proposal, then try Roomies by Christina Lauren

If you likes heists and magic, then try Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

If you like Dan Brown and White Collar, than try The Double Eagle by James Twining

What books would you recommend?

How has your readathon gone so far

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