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Bout of Books 24: Day 4

Good day and welcome back to the readathon. As always at this point I am sitting here gutted that we’re tipping into the second half of the week and that time is running away from us! I have the honour of hosting today’s ‘Synopsis Rewrite’ challenge, I can’t wait to read your switched up synopses!

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


4:50am: These mornings get precisely no easier but I am glad that I had a shower last night, that I bought hot cross buns yesterday (because yes they’re already in the shops), and that I decided to download some more books last night. I might be up for giving Austen another go soon!!

6:00am: I have done something monumentally stupid today and I think this shows off my tiredness. I thought I was on a 6-2 so got up and into work ready for 6am. I was actually on an 8-4 so I was stupidly early and could have had 2 hours extra in bed.

6:45am: My manager is awesome and has managed to slide my shift to a 7-3. Things could be a lot better but they could be a lot worse.

10:00am: I am tired and annoyed but I’m glad I’m 3 hrs and not 2 hrs into my shift. I don’t have the energy to physically read anything, but I can say that I am really quite enjoying listening to These Rebel Waves. I’m really glad I took a punt on it and have it a chance. I’m not going to end up listening to as much as I wanted to tonight but I think I can probably finish it by the end of the readathon. That’s the aim at least!!

16:30pm: I am tired and the thing I came out for isn’t available. It’s also freezing and I haven’t done the challenge that I am hosting yet and I NEED MY BED FOR LONG TIMES. I have listened to a bit more of my audiobook though so there’s that.

17:30pm: Guess what else happened since I got home? A shiny unexpected parcel from Bloomsbury arrived. I instantly became excited, especially when I opened the monster package and revealed a beautiful and huge The Priory of the Orange Tree arc and I am super ecstatic and happy and thankful to Samantha Shannon and Bloomsbury right now!!! I think it might also be challenge time…

20:00pm: I made sweet potato fries and roasted veg with chicken for dinner and it is genuinely one of my favourites dinners. It’s a bit of a faff but I always feel healthier after it. I’m still not sold on the whole sweet potato fry revolution but they were OK.  I have managed to do today’s Instagram challenge too because I will forever love this book cover and all things red so it was a given. I really like this photo too.


Today’s challenge comes courtesy of moi and is quite to the point. Synopsis Rewrite: Change and write the synopsis of a favourite book from the point of view of another character other than the main protagonist e.g. Harry Potter from Draco’s POV.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Lemony Snicket

There once lived a handsome talented man, one could say the most handsomest and most talented of all men there ever was, who came into a large inheritance. Ready to take the world by storm as the leader of his own acting troupe, Count Olaf’s lifestyle and fortune is put in danger by three pesky, meddling orphans. What lengths will he go to in order to stop their thievery?

What do you think of today’s challenge? What book synopsis did you rewrite?

How is your Bout of Books going?

6 thoughts on “Bout of Books 24: Day 4”

    1. I tend to wake up at 4:30am even if it’s my day off anyway, but it was super annoying, I’m so relieved she moved it though, because 2 hrs extra in bed but being at work would have driven me (more) insane.


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