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Bout of Books 24: Day 1

At the risk of sounded like an over-excited puppy/child: BOUT OF BOOKS IS BACK WOOOOO. Yup, my favourite readathon is back for its 24th instalment, and I am pleased to say my 13th occasion mixing it with the cool kids! There is so much to love about the readathon, but don’t let me bore you with the details, find out yourself on twitter @BoutofBooks and on the Bout of Books blog! There is going to be a twitter chat tonight at 8pm CST/2am GMT, check it out for updates, information, chatting, and all things Bout of Books! Don’t forget, you can still sign up, so make sure you’ve added your link here.

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


5:30am: As it always seems to be when these readathons start, it’s so early in the morning that even the birds aren’t thinking about waking up yet and my alarm is sodding loud! I am planning on listening to The Bloody Chamber audiobook on the way to work. I think if I make a bit of an effort today I might be able to finish it, which would be awesome. I have already completed the challenge for today below, don’t forget it’s all about describing #insixwords. I already know I won’t be up tonight for the twitter chat because 2am local time for me is too late with my work schedule, but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers and recommendations already!

8:10am: So I managed to read/listen to 14% of The Bloody Chamber audiobook on the way to work today. I only have 16% left so I think it’s going down today. Is it weird that I’ve quite enjoyed such a disturbingly odd set of stories? I think I might try and take my Instagram photos for the week when I get home today, hopefully there will be enough light!! I’ve posted a picture of my reading/bullet journal spread for Bout of Books 24 on Instagram and Twitter and it’s been received well (thank you!!) so I thought I’d post the picture here too.

12:15pm: Don’t get me wrong, I really like these early shifts and stuff but it doesn’t half leave you tired by lunch time. I think I’m going to end up having and audiobook heavy week so I can get stuff done as I go. I just don’t see myself being awake enough to sit down and actually physically read too much. We’ll see…I hope I’m proved wrong!

16:30pm: OK, it took me over an hour and a half to get home today because a lorry had broken down on the main route from the motorway to the house. I was giving my friend Alberto a lift to the train station so I didn’t listen to anymore of The Bloody Chamber for fear of scaring him away for ever!

19:30pm: I have made and eaten spaghetti bolognese for tea, and I can say already that there is no chance that I am going to be awake to read any more today. It is a shame because I think I could have finished a book today but that’s the way it goes. I am definitely not going to be awake for the twitter chat later tonight either. The timing just doesn’t work for UK participants. I did take a picture of my currently reading pile though, or a couple of them at least! (I posted it a little late to Instagram – Oops!)

22:00pm: I have just had to sit through the worst game of football I have ever seen in my life, only for Liverpool to lose. To be honest they’re lucky it wasn’t humiliating because they played like they had never met each other before! And now, instead of going to bed I am say here watching videos of dogs being reunited with their humans when they return from military service. Why Liz, why? You’re and out for work by 5am tomorrow!


The Bout of Books Day 1 challenge hasn’t changed for a few readathons, because there is no point messing with a classic. The challenge is simply to introduce yourself #insixwords:

Intrepid Bibliophile. Exploring Foodie. Scouse Gryffindor.

I really hope you managed to stay awake for the twitter chat, that you enjoyed it, and that you made friends while there. I hopefully will be able to make the one on Saturday, but we’ll see as I am working!

What are you reading? How are you liking Bout of Books 24?

Will you be chatting this evening?

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