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DC/NYC | Day 7

New York is a city full of things to do and places to see so we had decided to cram as much into our last day as possible and not waste any of our time. We knew the 24hrs we had wasn’t enough to see the sights in New York that we would have liked to, so we packed up our cases, checked out of our hotel, and headed straight for breakfast. We were still tired from our long travel and sightseeing day but determined to make the best of our final day.

The great thing about New York is that there is food for all occasions and prices. We were looking for something cheap and tasty, and most importantly, something we could take away with us. Dunkin’ Donuts hit a home run with huge iced coffees and the best coffee and blueberry muffins I have ever had, so we picked some up and popped on the subway to the Staten Island Ferry terminal. The subway in NYC is vastly different from the Tube in London, and if I am honest we didn’t love the experience, but it was a necessity as the terminal is at the end of Manhattan Island.

The Staten Island ferry is free and takes you from Manhattan Island to Staten Island on a bright orange boat. I mention it’s free because it offers some of the best views of New York itself that you can get anywhere, and the ferry takes you right by the Statue of Liberty, so you can get some pretty great photos of that too, and save yourself the tour fee! We caught it there, ate our breakfast with the city skyline as our backdrop, wrote some postcards while we waited on Staten Island and caught the ferry straight back. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Emma was really excited to do the High Line (a raised grassy walkway from Greenwich to Penn Station) and as it was something I’ve never done before, we set straight off from the ferry to Greenwich Village. It’s an area of New York I haven’t seen much of and was an area I ended up really liking. The High Line sits a block or two above the hustle and bustle at street level, and has bars, cafes, seats, trees, and is a great walk to do that shows a different side of the city (AND IT’S FREE).

I was a little sceptical about the High Line, but it was a lovely walk – we did it from start to finish and ended up back in the middle of everything at Penn Station. We wandered a little bit, had a small look at Madison Square Garden, and sat down for yet another Pret lunch. It allowed us a bit of time to stop and think and to assess how much time we had left and what was reasonable to do within that time.

We settled on Central Park. We still hadn’t been that far up Manhattan and it is a huge attraction so we boarded the subway (again) and ended up a little further up the park than we intended but at the park none-the-less. We had a slow walk through a bit of the park and alongside the boundary until we reached the Museum of Natural history, before getting our last tube ride back to Times Square and our hotel.

The walk with luggage to Penn Station wasn’t pleasant, 8 blocks with baggage is never fun. The train from Penn Station to Jamaica on Long Island didn’t take too long and was pretty packed, even if it was rammed, and fed straight into the JFK airport skytrain. I would definitely recommend it as a way to get in and out of the city! We couldn’t resist a last Dunkin Donuts before our economy flight home. As great as it was, the business class we had on our way out had spoiled us so we were tired and cranky and getting up to Liverpool on the train was horrible, but we made it home after a great trip!

3 thoughts on “DC/NYC | Day 7”

      1. Thanks. People can love Pret as it is easy to love something that look great from the front. I know the back/behind facade as well as having confronted Pret on a suicide of an Assistant Manager, almost having lost my life as well.

        I mention delete as prople usually are overwhelmed with my story, don’t want to believe that the Pret they have been sold for so long would not be what they want to believe.

        Since what I’ve been thru,if anything looks too good to be true when it comes to profit driven business,I now take a closer look.

        Thanks for the response.


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