NaNoWriMo Update: 11th-23rd November

Howdy folks! How is your November treating you? The UK ha suddenly turned super icky, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s windy, the leaves are all down, and blankets and jumpers are a must at all times. It’s not pleasant. November has been a bit of a weird one for me. On one hand it’s been great, I’ve celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving, I visited Disney in. Florida for the first 8 days and London for a couple too, and I’m doing NaNo, but on the other hand I have no money, my back is really playing up again and causing me a lot of pain, and I am in a reading and blogging rut/slump. I think it’s winter blues, but only time will tell.

Earlier this month I posted an update about how NaNo life was treating me after signing up to do NaNoWriMo for the second time last month. I embarked on two completely different writing projects and was finding it hard to actually write the Pirate themed story when I had no research done, so the first update is I’ve temporarily abandoned this idea (certainly for this year’s NaNo). It wasn’t feasible to spend time on that so I decided I’d plow on with my contemporary idea only.

My contemporary idea is going…Well? I’m not sure that is quite the right word because I’m not happy with large portions of what I’ve written, but I am ahead of schedule at the moment and not hating the characters or plot (I’m not sure I could go as far as saying I actually have a plot) which I have been assured are both good signs. I’m not near completion in terms of the project itself, but I am getting close the the 50,000 words needed to complete the challenge. As of 23rd November, I’ve written 43,491 words, 41399 of which have been the contemporary story.

I’m undoubtedly finding it easier to write, which is great. I’m finding more time to sit and dedicate time to getting things down and I can fee decisions becoming easier to make and characters easier to develop. The problem is that the time is eating into blogging and reading time that I also enjoy and striking a balance is proving impossible at the moment. It’s a great first world problem to have, but working full time, plus writing, plus blogging, plus reading, really isn’t working for me. I’m hoping it will become easier as I get into my new work routine and finish NaNo but the imbalance is definitely having a negative impact on my emotional state, which is a huge shame as I have really enjoyed writing.

I’ve become a lot more disciplined with writing over the last few days too and have taken the extra step of downloading self control. It’s an add on that blacklists certain sites so you can’t procrastinate and it works great for me, preventing me perusing social media and gossip sites. I’m hoping that down the line this will help claw back some reading and blogging time that I’m losing, but it’s going to take a little bit of time to see if that works out practically and not just theoretically. I’ve also started to use the twitter sprints prompts. They’re helping motivate me to write with others for a certain time frame and the prompts have helped start a few of the scenes I was struggling with. It’s worth a follow if you’re struggling or need an extra bit of motivation over the next few days to hit target.

Just like the last update, I am both pleased and irritated with my progress. I’m happy that I’m enjoying writing and that I’m on track to ‘Won’t NaNoWriMo. I also really feel like I can do this whole writing for the first time and that’s a huge confidence booster, I just wish it wasn’t coming at a cost when it comes to blogging and reading. We’ve only got a few days left of NaNoWriMo 2018, so if you’re taking part, let’s push to the end and hit those word counts!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How are you finding it?

Do you have any tips for organising and managing time to improve my life balance?

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: 11th-23rd November”

  1. Sorry your back is giving you a bit of pain. Also, those apps that block you going to certain sites are really great aren’t they? I used to use them all the time when I have a big project I needed to get done or I needed to get stuff done for work. I am glad it is helping you focus on your writing.

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    1. It’s driving me mad but I’m still in work and getting on with stuff so I need to stop moaning about it haha!!

      Yeah it’s super useful in making me actually set a block of time aside to write in, one of the best discoveries of this year’s NaNo!! Thanks for the support!

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  2. I always find writing pushes out everything else. My blogging definitely suffers so much but I have no advice haha
    Your doing super well with nano, it can be such a confidence boost to know you can do this. Right?

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