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Top Ten Tuesday: Backlist Books I Want to Read

Hello there, bonjour, hola, welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. I have been ‘travelling’ (eating) my way around the world showcase today and thinking about backlist titles I really want to read. I wasn’t even sure what a backlist title technically was, thankfully my friend works in publishing and filled me in. Turns out most of the books I want to read at the moment are backlist so it didn’t help filter them down too much, but I think I’ve managed to get it down to ten titles.

For all of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved, click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish teamed together to create this awesome weekly prompt, which is now hosted by the wonderful Jana @ The Artsy Reader Girl. Then you simply get listing!

1. Our Dark Duet V E Schwab

Technically I have started this, but realistically I haven’t read any real amount of it. I love V E Schwab and really enjoyed the first part of this duology so I think I’m gonna really like this

2. A Ship Beyond Time Heidi Heilig

I really liked Heilig’s first book in this world, it was a book I spontaneously took on holiday and got me into pirate novels. I really enjoyed the first one and can’t wait to dive into another instalment.

3. I Am Pilgrim Terry Hayes

Everyone who likes thrillers seems to be recommending this beast of a book. I brought it away with me to Florida but I’ve been too busy to read, so when I get home, I really want to finish this 1000 page tome.

4. The Language of Thorns and Roses Leigh Bardugo

I love Leigh Bardugo and I love the Grishaverse. This book is spectacularly pretty and is one I have been saying I’d like to read for a long time!

5. Bonfire Krysten Ritter

I don’t know what it is about this book that makes me want to read it, but I really do. I love Ritter which probably influences things, and it fits a challenge for around the year in 52 books.

6. Nyxia Scott Reintgen

I was given this book last year as part of my TBTB secret Santa box. It came with high recommendations and sounds right up my street.

7. The Bone Season Samantha Shannon

My friend had just re-read this again and it’s put this novel firmly back on my TBR. I love the sound of the dystopian world and think it’s something I could really enjoy.

8. Widows Lynda La Plante

I love heists, and this book is conveniently about just that, specifically a group of widows picking up where their husbands didn’t finish. Sounds pretty awesome and the film is due to come out this month and I really want to go and see it.

9. Helicopter Heist Jonas Bonnier

Again, this is a heist novel with added helicopter. Could it sound anymore like something I’d like to read. I have taken this away with me a couple of times now but the holidays have always been too busy to read.

10. An Ember in the Ashes Sabaa Tahir

Gladiators, check. Dystopian fantasy, check. Houses/clans, check. Need I say anymore about why I want to read this?

That’s all for this week folks. Sorry it’s a little late, I’ve been in Epcot all day and forgot to schedule.

What backlist books do you most want to read right now?

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Backlist Books I Want to Read”

      1. City of Ghosts is my favourite book so far this year, although it’s different from her other stuff which is Middle Grade. If you like dystopian, I’d say start with This Savage Song. If you like magic and fantasy, definitely Shades of Magic!!

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      2. I am a lover of all those genres, but definitely a fantasy geek, which is why Shades of Magic was suggested to me a while back. Funny to hear that City of Ghosts was your favorite this year. I shouldn’t let others opinions sway me so!

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  1. Put The Bone Season right to the top of your pile. In fact, what are you reading right now? Put it down, go and get a snack, a cup of tea and The Bone Season and settle in to finish it tonight. You won’t regret it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I should have been on commission when it published. Pretty much everyone I knew who liked to read was nagged until they did. Amazing world building.

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