Strictly Saturdays: Week 4

Good evening Strictly lovers and welcome back to Strictly Saturdays! What a week it has been eh? Strictly has been everywhere, starting at the movies, and ending in Scandal – just like Hollywood! Last week we saw Lee Ryan and Nadiya Bychkova leave the show and I have to say that I am not disappointed, and nor does it seem anyone else except them really is either. And so we’re back to normal this week, no special themes and no opening pro number on the live show (such a shame as the Harry Potter Dance last week has already gone down in Strictly legend!)

Now, it’s impossible to ignore the drama that has gone on this week, it’s made it onto news shows and paper titles, and it has been discussed pretty much everywhere. Yep, we’re talking about that kiss between Seann and Katya. I’m just going to throw it out there straight away and say that although it was clearly a mistake and has been awkward as anything ever since, I think people are judging them too harshly and are being unfair. Yes, probably should’t have done it (or at least done it in such an open arena if they really felt the need to) but it happened, they’ve said sorry, let’s all move on. His (ex) girlfriend posted an odd letter on social media breaking up with him. I applaud her honesty and the thought processes in there, but I have to say I don’t think that kind of thing really need to be done in public and yeah it’s great she has highlighted some points about relationships and control, but I’m not sure a breakup note to the public was the best way to do it.

I also think people need to stop shitting on Katya, and casting aspersions about the way she was dressed on that evening and make judgements on her marriage. We don’t know what happened, we weren’t there, and we don’t know what happened after when the drama subsided. She could have gone straight home and told Neil, they could have an open relationship, maybe he doesn’t care less, WE DON’T KNOW. What we do know is they’re staying quiet and dealing with it between themselves, so leave them alone eh? Let’s not follow him round as he walks his dog early in the morning and wondering why he’s miserable (I would be if I couldn’t get up early in the morning and walk my dog without a camera lens in my face) and let’s not read things into silence that aren’t there.

This last bit is more for the judgemental folks out there, and as much as I hate to say it, well women. Stop having a go at the way she was dressed. I personally thought she looked pretty stunning, and if I had that figure would be wearing what she was. How about sticking together and agreeing that anyone can dress however they want and that what she wore actually doesn’t have bearing on the way they acted. I think they have made it clear that alcohol played a large part, so, stop saying her state of dress (or undress if that’s how you viewed it) was the reason that they ended up kissing. She didn’t look cheap, or like a slut, or any of the other derogatory comments I’ve seen since. It’s not nice, it’s not fair, and the fact it’s most commonly come from other women is an embarrassing show of feminine solidarity. There were two people involved, and I think they way she was dressed had nothing to do with it, and if it did, who cares, either they he should be able to say no if he wants to, she should be able to wear what she wants to, they should be allowed to kiss if they want to.

I feel much better now as I have got that off my chest and I am ready to enjoy the show. I love watching the ladies walking down the stairs and judging them. Claudia has been killing it this year and tonight it no different, but why does Tess look like she is wearing BDSM joggers in a jumpsuit. I really think the boys have done well on the judging panel, and even though I am not a huge fan of blue or bacofoil, the girls look great too. Shirley’s hair game is on fire this year!

Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell Cha Cha to Just Got Paid (watch here)

I think we all know that Joe has been the suprirse packet of this year’s competition and I have to say I really like them now, which is a big shock. I’m not sure that this style of dance will be for him and I’m definitely not ready for Joe Sugg hip action, but we’ll see. I love that Pasha has been helping him with it too.

I think that was just not quite style, and while he was moving his hips and it wasn’t bad, I think he could have gone for it more. There were a few bits without much dancing, which is a shame because he is best when he has actually dancing. He has such great musicality, he hears it so well.  I love how they called him a man, he’s really a boy child, right? No matter what thought he is seriously watchable, which I like.

Craig: 5 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 26

Vick Hope and Graziano Di Prima Quickstep to Can’t Hurry Love (watch here)

I am really excited for this. I love a good quickstep and I am hoping that this is the week where she takes off. I don’t feel like she had unleashed her best yet, and she enjoyed ballroom more than the latin, so I am hoping that this will be epic. Addie and Nigel are just such cute proud parents <3.

I thought that was adorable and cute and I was living for Graziano’s faces in that dance. They did some amazing moves, but there was some sections I wasn’t sure were quick enough and maybe not quite enough in hold, BUT, I really liked it. It was very in sync and brilliantly timed. Properly enjoyable.

Craig:  7 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 8 Total: 29

Danny John Jules and Amy Dowden Viennese Waltz to I’ve Gotta Be Me (watch here)

These two are plodding along quite nicely and he can really dance and move so I think this could be really beautiful and really well danced. I really quite like him but find him forgettable, and once again I am worried this will get lost dancing near the beginning. Danny’s wife is STUNNING.

That smile, how smooth?! Wow I really liked that. I was really smooth and it flowed so well and it spun and spun and I really liked it. He leads the dance well, which is impressive at this point in the competition. That really suited him.

Craig: 6 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno:  7 Total: 27

Faye Tozer-Smith and Giovanni Pernice Rumba to Chandelier (watch here)

I hate rumbas and no matter how good these two are I don’t think this will be something I’ll like. The song really isn’t something I like, but I always remember laughing in Australia with friends because one of them thought Sia sang Chin-Di-Di-Dee and not Chandelier. You had to be there. Oh the little Steps reunion made me smile!

What an opening. Shame it was followed by a rumba really. I am sure there was some technical stuff in there but for me it’s just walking, spinning and making weird looks at each other.

Craig: 7 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 8  Total: 29

Katie Piper and Gorka Marquez Jive to Why Do Fools Fall In Love (watch here)

I know it was actually yesterday, but a happy birthday to Katie. These two are just so cute and she took such great strides last week that I hope she can release her nerves to really go for this. It’s not a dance you can hold back in so she needs to have fun and really go for it. I can’t take earnest emotional Gorka either!

Seriously though, I can’t take adorkable Gorka. Be still me little beating heart. That was cute and sweet and endearing, but too tentative. Yes, she looked like she was having fun but it was lacking in a little bit of oomph and more kick. I need more of this sweet and funny Gorka.

Craig: 3 Darcey: 5 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 5 Total: 18

Charles Venn and Karen Clifton Salsa to Use It Up And Wear It Out (watch here)

I wasn’t disappointed to see him in the dance off this week, and considering how much I don’t like him and find him creepy, I am really not sure that the salsa is the dance to come back with and win me over so I’m not particularly looking forward to this if I am honest.

Of course he did a creepy strip. The lifts were a bit messy, as was the dance. Karen looked a little bit crap and flat footed. I really didn’t like it, it wasn’t feeling it, and I was worried for Karen’s life. He is always so obviously disappointed with his scores.

Craig: 6 Darcey: 6 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 7 Total: 25

Lauren Steadman and AJ Pritchard Quickstep to If You’re Over Me (watch here)

I feel like she out of everyone is the one who would have the stamina and the training ability to really go for a quickstep and be able to keep the energy going, but it’s not a dance to do lightly, so she needs to make sure she gives it everything and doesn’t hold back like she sometimes does.

I really liked the ending and to be honest the whole dance before it was pretty enjoyable and graceful. She went a bit more for that than she has in the others, you could really see the improvement in her confidence and energy.

Craig: 6 Darcey: 6 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 7 Total: 25

Dr. Ranj Singh and Janette Manrara Paso Doble to Cancion del Mariachi (watch here)

This sounds like a classical Paso song, which makes me think it’s going to be all traditional and flamenco-y and stuff. I don’t love a Paso as much as Emma does, but if he goes for this I might really like this.

She tried so hard to hide the fact that he is too smiley for this dance and can’t actually do it very well. I bloody love him but that was not his best dance or the dance for him. There was some proper Paso stuff and bits of footwork but it wasn’t quite shaped right or mean enough. I really liked Janette’s boots too!

Craig: 6 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 27

Kate Silverton and Aljaz Skorjanec Samba to Africa (watch here)

TUUUUUUNE. I love these two and how much fun they’re having and really think and hope that they’re just going to let their hair down and go for this. She is so serious in her day job, I think her fun side and real life temperament just make these two so endearing. I’d like these to go far.

There were bits that were really good and she looked like she was having a great time and what not but there was not her best dance it wasn’t brilliant to watch. ALJAZ IS AN UNCLE YOU GUYS. He is so proud.

Craig: 4 Darcey: 5 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 6 Total: 20

Graeme Swann and Oti Mabuse Jive to Don’t Stop Me Now (watch here)

I bloody love these two and he really got going last week. I’m hoping he brings the energy and the quality of last week into the kicks and flicks of the jive. This song is so them as well. I think this will be really really good or really really bad, no in between. I love that shouty Oti is back!

THAT WAS SO SPACEY AND PINK. He was having a having time and having a ball there. It was flamboyant and you can’t say he wasn’t feeling that! OK there could have been a lot more retraction and it looked a little heavy in times, but his joy is infectious. Awwww, Ray and Mavis!

Craig: 5 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 26

Ashley Roberts and Pasha Kovalev Tango to Look What You Made Me Do (watch here)

I really don’t like this song but I have this feeling that this dance could be epic. I love a Tango and this is one of those songs where they could go for an edgy concept and get away with it if they wanted to. This might make me like them once and for all?!

The drama! The make-up! The facial expressions! Was there a cheeky lift in there? That was really good, there was some bits that were sensational but it took a little bit to realise it was a tango because it was a bit of Foxtrot-y but it was intense. I wonder if she is putting too much into it and trying to prove herself too much.

I love Shirley and Bruno, their relationship is hilarious, her cackle is infectious. I bet they are awesome pissed on a night out!

Craig: 8 Darcey: 8 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 8 Total: 32

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones Charleston to Bills (watch here)

I mean, it’s hard not to think that these two will be negatively impacted by everything over the last week. I have a feeling that no matter how good this dance it that they will end up in the bottom two because the public loves hating one people involved in a scandal. They’re still my favourites, and I love this genre of dance and this song, so I will undoubtedly still vote for them.

There were some big bloody lifts in there and he did really well to kind of keep them in check. Wow, that made me breathless just watching. I love her choreography. It was full of content and you could tell what it was, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was lacking a bit of something, precision? Sharpness? Idk, but what I do know is it was good.

Craig: 6 Darcey: 7 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 7 Total: 28

Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton Foxtrot to Hi Ho Silver Lining (watch here)

I feel like this has Kevin stamped all over it. It’s such a well known and happy song, I bet they’re going to look like they’ve had the best time. They look so adorable in 60’s chic. I’m not sure you get that from Grimsby, but there we go. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEV!

I love that he is in the side car and she is riding the bike. That was such a Kevin dance, full of happiness and laughter and joyous big moves. It was so light and fluffy and it was fun. I liked that a lot, it was full of style and substance.

Craig: 8 Darcey: 8 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 9 Total: 33


1. Stacey and Kevin = 33
2. Ashley and Pasha = 32
3= Faye and Giovanni = 29
3= Vick and Graziano = 29
5. Seann and Katya = 28
6= Danny and Amy = 27
6= Lauren and AJ = 27
6= Dr. Ranj and Janette = 27
9= Graeme and Oti = 26
9= Joe and Dianne = 26
11. Charles and Karen = 25
12. Kate and Aljaz = 20
13. Katie and Gorka = 18


I mean, I don’t want to say it was disappointing or boring or anything of the sort but I have to say it was a little middle of the road. I just don’t think anyone really excelled and no-one seriously flopped. I think everyone focused in the week too much on the scandal and then were looking for every opportunity to just find holes or wait for their dance and everything just ended up feeling quite flat.

I really liked Oti and Graeme and Seann and Katya, again, because they’re my favourites and I feel like they’re having by far the most fun out of everyone (well, with Stacey and Kate). I ended up voting twice for Seann and once for Graeme. I really hope Seann doesn’t end up in the dance off but I have a horrible feeling that it might be about to happen. He is quite far up the leaderboard. I really would like Charles to go this week because if he goes then there isn’t really anyone left to dislike.

Tomorrow night is going to be a little tense, but Dr. Who followed by a Backstreet Boys medley sound like top class Sunday night entertainment, so until then…

…..keep dancing!


I am going to say something controversial here, which isn’t like me when it comes to the pros, but, I am done with these sexy music video dances that barely have any actual content and are super inappropriate and just not what Strictly is all about. Where is the weird Lindy hop number to Cotton Eyed Joe and movie numbers to No Business Like Show Business? It wasn’t for me, I just didn’t think it was up to their usual standard and there was the weird tongue bit between Janette and Aljaz, and no thanks. I have to say though, on the flip side, the Backstreet Boys were pretty good. I feel like I don’t give them enough credit for their tunes and perfectly pathetic dance moves.

The dance off is still a bit raw if I am honest. I was super pleased that Charles and Karen were in it again, but they were against Katie and Gorka. I knew I should have voted for them. Not gonna lie guys, feeling a little guilty. They were cute and adorable and I just wanted to squish them, but they were notably worse than Charles and Karen. This trend of losing the bottom one on the leaderboard is carrying on again this week, I feel like I’ve never seen this happen before on Strictly. No-one will want to be bottom next week!

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