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October TBR

Autumn is most definitely here. It’s jumper weather, soup is on the menu, and I am curling under the blanket at night more often than I am not. I love this time of year, especially for reading, and I am so ready! I struggled a little with reading in September after what was a reading packed summer, and I’m feeling ready for some fall stories. I really love this time of year and I have a lot of early starts this month that should leave time for me to read in the afternoons before Emma gets home.

Once again, we’re going on holiday again this month. We’re away for a little longer this time, off to enjoy the sunny temperatures in Florida and to introduce Emma to Disney. As we’re not going until the back end of the month, I am probably going to do a holiday TBR that will see me into November too.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Azkaban J K Rowling

I began reading this last month, and even though I love this book and the series, it takes longer to read the illustrated versions for some reason. I don’t know whether it’s getting sidetracked by the pictures, or whether I only really read them before I go to bed so I’m therefore already tired, but I still have a good chunk of this book left to go.
Our Dark Duet V E Schwab

I really wanted to read this last month, but it was a little slow reading wise so I never got around to it. It’s part of a duology, and I adored the first novel, so it’s definitely time to read the second instalment. I really love V and her work, so I am excited to see where she has taken this series.
Vengeful V E Schwab

This is definitely my most anticipated read of the year and I am so pleased to have my grubby mitts on an exclusive signed copy. It’s such a pretty book and I loved the first book so much that I am super excited for this. I love V, her books are amazing.
A Discovery of Witches Deborah Harkness

Emma is currently reading this book, and we are watching the new TV adaptation at the moment, so I thought I would read the chunk of a book to see how the TV show holds up. It’s a mammoth book about vampires and witches and demons and libraries, and it’s described as being Twilight for adults, so it should at least be fun.
The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy Mackenzi Lee

I’ve discovered that the audiobook of this is already on Scribd (Thanks Emma), so I’ve downloaded it as my first commuting book this month. I loved her first book and I’m quite excited to see how this turns out now it’s from a lady’s point of view instead of Monty’s. I’m looking forward to it.
Saga Vol. 9 Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I am not ready for the next instalment of this graphic novel series because I know I will have a long time until it next releases an issue. These stories and art panels are always incredible and evoke emotions and I can’t wait to devour it.
Steel Prince #1 (Shade of Magic) V E Schwab

I think everyone in the V loving world has been waiting for another instalment in the Shades of Magic universe and this is already on pre-order ready to read. It’s due to come out on the 10th, and I am so so ready for it.

It’s been a long time since I have looked at my month’s TBR and thought that looks about right. There are so many new books released, or books I have been desperate to read for a long time that this TBR has pretty much written itself. I’m excited about this month. It’s pretty V E Schwab heavy too, what can I say? I love her and just can’t put off reading her back catalogue anymore – thankfully she writes a lot of books that are all awesome. If I can read everything on here before my holiday I will have had a pretty awesome reading month

What are you planning to read this October?

4 thoughts on “October TBR”

  1. Best of luck with your reading in October, Liz! I love this season as well, I have always been a sweater gal. I totally feel your mood to read one author you love, I wish I can have the same feeling lately.

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