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Bout of Books 23: Day 6

I don’t want to alarm anyone right now but tomorrow is the last day of Bout of Books 23 and I am really not OK with this. Not at all OK, but, thankfully Bout of Books 24 is already in the calendar (it’s going to start on January 7th for anyone who wants to plan ahead too). I finish work just as the twitter chat is due to happen so I am pretty sure I’m going to miss it completely, which I am gutted about!

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


06:45am: There is just something about waking up at this time in the morning on a Saturday of a Bank Holiday weekend to go into work that just sucks. There is just no way of sugar coating it sadly, but, I should be home by later afternoon, so it’s going to pay off later, but I would definitely just rather not be in.

09:45am: I don’t want to tempt fate by saying that it’s quiet because that is a jynx word in our office, but, it’s definitely not too busy. I’ve only taken a couple of calls so far, and I have managed to read a little bit of This Savage Song too. This can continue until the end of my shift, yes please.

13:15pm: OK, so there’s been a little flurry to activity, but nothing too bad. I could get used to this being the way things are around the office for sure. The few pages of This Savage Song has actually turned into 100 pages read, and I am invested for sure.

17:30pm: I managed to read a total of 150 pages of This Savage Song during the course of my shift, and I can already say that I love this book a lot. I also managed to watch some of the Wolves v Man City game, which was a great result for Liverpool. I didn’t make it home for the twitter chat though, which I am really gutted about, I hope everyone had a great time! I’ve done both of today’s challenges, the one on the blog and the one on Insta, and I have unboxed a brilliant Lacuna Candle Co package too. The candles are incredible, they’re glittery and beautifully made and packaged with kindness, and above all they smell spectacular!! (check our Lacuna Candle Co on Etsy).

20:45pm: Soooo…Emma and I aren’t just nipping out in the middle of hosting some reading sprints because there’s not enough snacks in the house, no Sir! To be fair, I wanted to snacks during the Liverpool game and forgot, and it would be rude to read now without any snacks wouldn’t it?

23:00pm: OK, I have finished This Savage Song and I am just in love with V even more because her books are just so so so so so so so so good and I love them all. I also read about a third of Sin City Vol. 7 because I need to finish that, which will enable me to read Boneless Mercies for Defence Against the Dark Arts, which will allow me to read Our Dark Duet. Readathons can be weird!


I don’t think I can pin down a precise book that has come specifically from Bout of Books, but I have to say that Bout of Books is the thing that got me started in blogging. I initially planned to use my blog as a travelogue, and that was great but I had never done anything like this at that point, so it was the first thing I embrace on my blog over 4 years ago. So you could almost say any online recommendation I’ve had since is down to Bout of Books really.

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